Wake Forest Appeals and Injury Playbook


Louisville coach Scott Satterfield was visibly frustrated after Saturday’s 37-34 loss to Wake Forest.

The Cardinals lost their first game since the season opener, but refereeing played a role in the game. The biggest game, which ended up being the three-point difference, was the call just before half-time to give the Demon Deacons (5-0, 3-0) a second on the clock to score a basket.

The play came after Louisville had Wake Forest third and first on the one-yard line with four seconds left. Wake Forest handed the ball to Christian Beal-Smith and stopped him to no avail over time. The Louisville players celebrated their defensive stance and then ran into the locker room. But the refs blew their whistles and decided that Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson had requested a time out with a second to go.

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Satterfield was confused as to how much time remained on the clock.

“If you’re running a racing game, it takes at least four seconds,” Satterfield said. “Every time you time a soccer ball you have to have three seconds just to take the ball out of the center and time it. Four seconds ago they’re in the shotgun, it’s bouncing. I don’t know how it is. ‘was only three seconds, but obviously I don’t work the clocks here at Winston Salem. ”

But there were other confusing calls as well.

Louisville was in control, leading 17-10 with 6:47 left in the second quarter. He faced a third and three, but quarterback Malik Cunningham came out of the game because his helmet came off. Louisville called for a time out, hoping to bring Cunningham back into the game, but officials did not allow the substitution, Satterfield said.

“They said it happened on the playing field and you couldn’t burn a time out for it,” Satterfield said.

This call caused an uproar among fans because according to NCAA rules, under Section 3, Section 9, a player is allowed to return after a time-out even if their helmet comes off.

October 2, 2021;  Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States;  Louisville Cardinals head coach Scott Satterfield calls for a review in the second quarter against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons at Truist Field.  Mandatory Credit: Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The rule reads as follows: “If a player’s helmet comes off completely during play, other than the direct result of an opponent’s foul, the player must leave the game for the next down.” The game clock will stop at the end of the down. The player may remain in the game if his team is given a busy time-out. ”

This game proved to be vital when Evan Conley came in, threw an incomplete pass and Louisville kicked. Instead of a potential two-possession lead, the Cardinals were in a draw after Wake Forest scored on the possession that followed.

“It was a short third and three and we think we have a chance to get that, we’re scoring and we’re up two points,” Satterfield said.

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Louisville committed nine penalties for 93 yards. There were two crucial second-half restraint penalties, as well as a block in the back that kept Louisville from being inside Wake Forest 30, but instead pushed Louisville to the 44-yard line.

Satterfield said he wasn’t sure what to say to his offensive line after those calls.

“We fight and we play hard and we get called and we don’t seem to get any calls,” Satterfield said. “You can call it hold on most games, let’s be honest. It just doesn’t turn out that way. I can’t control it. What I can control is our effort and no matter what. , we have to play the next game. ”

Louisville’s entire loss did not come down to arbitration. The Cardinals missed big play opportunities, including Josh Johnson’s missed punt just before half-time, two missed touchdown passes and more.

Satterfield made sure to argue that Louisville still had games to win the game.

“Even at that, we had chances and chances to make plays, but we played too short a game,” Satterfield said.

No more injuries

For the third week in a row, Louisville saw a starter leave the game with an injury and not return. Offensive tackle Renato Brown and defensive end Ashton Gillotte both left the game in the first half and never touched the field.

Satterfield said he didn’t have an update on their condition, but said he didn’t think it was serious.

“I feel like we’ve been hit with the injury virus,” Satterfield said. “I hope it’s nothing serious, I don’t think it is, but they obviously couldn’t come back.”

Freshmen Trevion Cooley, Ahmari Huggins-Bruce stand out

On a positive note, Louisville received a big boost from two freshmen on the offensive side of the ball.

Running back Trevion Cooley is having his best game of the season with 60 rushing yards and 20 passing yards and wide receiver Ahmari Huggins-Bruce caught his first career touchdown pass on a 10-yard Cunningham strike.

Louisville will continue to play the two freshmen as the staff believe they have a bright future.

“There were a lot of young players who played today,” said Satterfield. “We’re going to keep building and working on these guys and keep improving.”

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