Vogue and Spencer are great parents and I go to them for advice


In the 10 years since we first met Millie Mackintosh, a lot has changed. She was first introduced to us as the bubbly heiress of the scripted reality series Made in Chelsea where she appeared at parties and openings and was part of a love triangle with fellow cast members Hugo Taylor and Rosie Fortescue.

Having decided to leave Hugo and reality TV behind, Millie went on to launch her own fashion line, write a book and become an Instagram favorite. It now has more than 1.4 million subscribers on this platform.

Surprising many Made in Chelsea fans, Millie married British rapper Professor Green in a lavish ceremony at Babington House in 2013. But after just two and a half years, the couple broke up and three months later, to to the delight of her fans, Millie was seen kissing. his former flame Hugo on vacation in Monaco.

The couple, whom many MiC fans thought would be destined for each other, got married in 2019 and announced they are expecting their first daughter in 2020.

Now Hugo, Millie and future big sister Sienna await the arrival of another baby girl who Millie says will complete their family.

“I think we’re done now, that’s the plan, two and it’s done. I’m not going to keep trying until we have a boy. There is no pressure like that in our family. I’m one of the two daughters, so I’m thrilled. I like having a sister.

Having had Sienna in the middle of lockdown life in May 2020, Millie is relieved that the restrictions ended in time for the new baby to arrive. Although she has relished the quiet time she spent with her first baby, Millie is happy that there is more help this time around.

“With Sienna, we were confined pretty much from the time she was born in May 2020. Somehow I felt it was a good time to have her because that meant we were just very focused on being at home a lot and that forced me not to do much. But I’m glad Hugo is allowed to stay with me in the hospital this time, so I’m not that worried about it.

Millie Mackintosh: a fashion icon in the age of Instagram

Hugo is about to be surrounded by girls, something Millie says he’s going to take in his stride.

“I think he’s going to love it because he’s naturally someone who’s always around women.

He has a lot of friends and he is very close to his mother. It feels normal and natural, and he loves being Sienna’s dad. I think he with another girl makes sense.

Millie is loved by her followers because of her impeccable style and stunning wardrobe. So she feels like a natural fit for this year’s TK Maxx Give Up Clothes for Good campaign. You can bring your unwanted clothes, accessories and household items to TK Maxx stores and they are donated to Enable Ireland stores to be sold and given new life.

Each donated bag could raise up to € 20 to support children and young people with disabilities.

It’s both a charitable and a sustainable initiative in her promotion of circular fashion that Millie has given a lot of thought to.

“It really seems more important to me than ever, when you have your own kids and think about the world they are growing up in, it definitely changes your perspective, your priorities and the way you see everything. For me, I was delighted to be invited to be part of the campaign. You are encouraging people to do something very simple by bringing their unwanted items, which we all have, to their local store, and fundraising for Enable Ireland to help young people with disabilities and their families, but it is is also a great way to be more durable and prevent your unwanted items from simply ending up in landfills. It’s finding them another home and I’ve definitely started looking a lot more down the path of the cycle of things and where they end up.

“It started for me when I was first pregnant and thinking about things that I really needed. This time I was really very conscious of my wardrobe, I just recycle things and I wear as much as possible what I already own, to the point that there are only a few things left that I can get to work. I only needed a few basic items for motherhood, but even then they can find a new home when you’re done with them.

Although Millie says she tries to clean up twice a year, she keeps a few special pieces aside for the girls when they are older – imagine inheriting this wardrobe!

“I’m starting to put things aside. There are things I thought about, ‘Okay, you’re going to have this, but you won’t even be able to play with this until you’re a lot older.’

“But there are also things that I start to put in a costume box, things that are just fun that they can have fun with.

“It was one of my favorite things to do when I was young at the time. I dressed in a mix of real costumes, but also clothes that had been passed down to me by my mom or babysitter – I just got my hands on everything.

Millie has received special coins from her mother and grandmother and is sad that some of them have gotten lost or ruined over the years.

“Mom gave me some costume jewelry to her and some of it belonged to my grandmother as well. I’ve always been really obsessed with accessories and there were a few things I wore when I was a teenager that suddenly didn’t because I probably trashed them. My mom definitely had things that I really liked. I would take something like a silk nightgown and wear it like a dress in that kind of vintage way. I started having, I guess, an eye for this pre-loved stuff from a young age. I used to take silk scarves and turn them into dresses, and I started selling them to friends and friends of friends when I was 18. They were so small. I held one the other day and I was like “how did I used to wear this”. It literally barely covers my pants! I don’t know, it literally wouldn’t work on one leg now. “

Millie Mackintosh: happy to stay and raise a family in central London
Millie Mackintosh: happy to stay and raise a family in central London

If you follow Millie on social media, you’ll know the lovely home she and Hugo share in central London. Space will be limited with two petite women in power, but the couple has yet to leave town.

“I’m really thinking about how to be smart with storage,” Millie says with a laugh.

“In fact, some friends left town about a year ago and they came back because they were like ‘It’s too early’. They just missed their London friends and they just wanted to be really close to other friends with young children and I thought that was quite interesting. For me, I just love the idea of ​​living in the countryside, but I also love the convenience of having everything on my doorstep in London and being in a big city and having access to everything in a matter of minutes. .

“Everything is so close here; you can use an app and things can be at your doorstep very quickly, so we definitely won’t be moving anytime soon.

“We like to leave London for weekends and country trips and I think it’s very important for Sienna and her sister to explore the outdoors as much as possible.

“I loved growing up in the countryside so who knows in the future for sure, but right now I feel like we live in the best place we can.”

Some of those friends with young children in London include Vogue Williams and her husband, Spencer Matthews, alumnus of Made in Chelsea.

“Their children have a slightly larger age gap than mine, but they are great parents whom I always communicate and get advice from. I find it really helpful to talk to my other mom friends who have been through this. Vogue is definitely someone who is great and proactive, if there’s a problem or one of them doesn’t sleep through the night or whatever, she directly contacts the best expert on the phone to know what to do so that she has lots of good advice. ”

“They are also very good at traveling with children. I mean, it might seem overwhelming, but Vogue also does it all on its own often, so I know it’s possible. People do it all the time, ”laughs Millie.

The morning after Millie and I talk to each other, Hugo and herself travel to Marbella for a two-night ‘baby moon’: their last break together before becoming a family of four. This is only the second time they’ve been away from Siena, but with a baby born during a pandemic and one about to arrive, they certainly deserved a short trip to the sun.

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