Valuable Studios Launches Product Development Website & Valuables Index Website Suite

Los Angeles-based agency Valuable Studios has launched a series of new websites for entrepreneurs and luxury consumers to offer resources to the community through educational content and index resources. is a product development resource website to help entrepreneurs and brands develop better physical products. Site resources include

  • Dedicated resources on suppliers and white labels for specific industries
  • How-To Articles for Marketing and Brand Development
  • The Product People newsletter for regular information on product development
  • Breakdown of the brand’s product strategy

Users can browse for development techniques and factory links for white label creation of popular products like cold brew coffee, sunglasses, fitness equipment, luxury cosmetics, nootropics, pet products and more.

In addition to Product World product development site, Valuable Studios has collaborated with Landforce Media to publish dedicated sites to monitor price changes in the resale market for various luxury verticals. This serves as a resource for consumers today, helping consumers track current prices for luxury goods in reselling bags, reselling watches, and reselling sneakers.

  • covers the watch resale market, monitoring the prices of models of all major brands.
  • provides coverage of sneaker resale marketing, watch resale price of sneakers for all major sneaker brands and models.
  • indexes the luxury bag market for bag resale price by fashion by designer and their current resale value.

Further development plans include aggregating data from these websites to track changes in brand and product prices, and how these price changes overlap with market and social media trends. Provisional developments of this “values ​​index” are planned for the first quarter of 2023.

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