Unparalleled customer service and customer experiences continue to flow to Trademark Factory.

Revolutionary, all-inclusive and 100% money-back policies have customers rave about the company’s unique culture, care and service.

The brand factory difference

The easiest way to make your mark. Without risk. Guaranteed. All over.

The easiest way to make your mark. Without risk. Guaranteed. All over.

New York, NY, December 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Long known for their all-inclusive flat-rate trademark with 100% refund on registration issues, positive reviews and testimonials on the service of Trademark Factory continuously poured in.

Joanne Trotta, Founder and Managing Partner of Leader’s Edge, Inc., was recently cited as having said “[Trademark Factory Founder & CEO Andrei Mincov] and his team were kind enough to go back with me to explain, “Look, this brand is not available, are there any other options you are considering? So we looked at an alternative… and unfortunately in the end we weren’t available to file my original idea, my secondary alternative wasn’t an option, and without hesitation, the team completely kept their guarantee around. of “If we can’t guarantee your search, we’ll refund your money,” and that’s what they did, which really impressed me.

His remarks are reminiscent of Trademark Factory’s unprecedented and unmatched 100% money back guarantee: If customers request a trademark search and Trademark Factory experts detect issues with the trademark, customers will receive a full refund (including including any service charge) or they can choose to continue to search for additional brands at no additional cost.

Additionally, if a trademark is found to be registrable and is filed but is not approved by the Patent and Trademark Office, the customer will also receive a full refund, regardless of the number of hours spent or actions. legal proceedings to which Trademark Factory has responded. .

Trademark Factory employees also believe that the corporate culture of founder Andrei Mincov has resulted in tremendous success on both sides of the client-client relationship. Director of Culture and Customer Success Bronson Picket said, “It’s not unusual for me to stress that great culture and leadership in a company comes from the top down. From day one Andrei set a collegial tone that not only attracted great team members, but great clients. And finding the perfect work balance between fun and professionalism is no small feat… one way or another, Trademark Factory has managed to do it.

The work-life balance, treating employees with respect and protecting the interests of their clients with their no-pressure full refund policies and endless extra brand-seeking have left a large number of staff and owners behind. company satisfied in the wake of this unrivaled trademark company.

Interested parties can learn about starting the branding process with Trademark Factory at marquefactory.com or call +1 (778) 869-7281 or toll free at +1 (855) MR. TMARK [678-8275]. From there, clients can book a free call with a specialist or order a paid consultation with Trademark Agent, Former IP Lawyer and Trademark Factory Founder Andrei Mincov.

About Trademark Factory

Started by a former intellectual property lawyer in 2011, Trademark Factory’s origins date back to the start of founder Andrei Mincov’s legal career in Russia in 1996. His father, famous Russian composer Mark Minkov, had heard a piece by him. played in the background of an advertisement by a local radio station without his knowledge or consent. Andrei, who was still a law student at the time, sued the radio station for copyright infringement and ultimately won an unprecedented victory in Russia’s second highest court. After a successful career with the world’s largest international law firm, Andrei immigrated to Canada in 2007. After further studying law, Andrei decided to found a firm that would provide services to business owners. creation of trademarks for a single fixed price. thus Trademark Factory was born. To date, Trademark Factory has registered over 1,500 trademarks for over 800 clients worldwide with an astonishing 99.3% success rate. For more information visit marquefactory.com and follow Trademark Factory on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram and subscribe to their Youtube channel.


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