“Tumi sent my late mother’s £ 545 bag to Germany for repair, then lost it”


Dear KA,

I was touched by your story because I also have a sentimental attachment to the gifts of my own late mother. I sensed your frustration at Tumi’s apparent negligence in losing your beloved bag and seemingly half-hearted search for her, so I quickly turned to the case.

I emailed Tumi in Germany asking her to try again to find your missing bag. A week went by and I didn’t hear anything, so I tried again. Always nothing. Finally, a few days later, on May 28, I received a response that he would review my request and come back.

Another week passed and then I received a surprising missive from Tumi. He said, “Our workshop and warehouse searched our premises intensively and finally found the customer’s item. It turns out that your bag was sent to the wrong place and was not registered in Tumi’s system upon delivery.

Not only had the team found the bag, the zipper repair was also successfully completed and the company was preparing to send it back to London. He cautioned about possible delays in customs clearance and apologized for the inconvenience and problems caused. You told me this news made you cry.

Even though you were delighted that you and your bag were reunited, you still felt a residual irritation that Tumi did not step up her search until I intervened on your behalf. However, when we got together you told me that you had picked up the bag a few days before from the company’s store in Regent Street and felt very happy.

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