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A woman’s handbag is essential for her daily life. It should fulfill the double task of holding its belongings and enhancing the elegance of its appearance. To save you the trouble of scrolling through pages and getting confused, we’ve compiled a list of the best handbags from the best brands. These bags have multiple color and style options for you to choose from. We enlisted bags from brands like Hidesign, Lavie, Miraggio, Lino Perros, Caprese and Zouk. These bags will turn heads with their gorgeous looks and make you the star of the event.

Top brand handbags for women

Handbag Price Customer Rating
Hidesign women’s handbag (Marsala) Rs.5,955 4.5 / 5
Hidesign Women’s Handbag (Red) Rs. 3,924 4.3 / 5
Lavie Women’s Dome Crossbody Bag Rs. 2,899 4.1 / 5
Miraggio Irene Soft Ruched Women’s Shoulder Handbag Rs. 2,099 4.2 / 5
Lino Perros faux leather handbag Rs. 1,573 4.3 / 5
Women’s Caprese Tote Bag Rs. 1,499 4.6 / 5
ZOUK Printed Fabric Hobo Bag Rs. 1,399 4.3 / 5
Lino Perros Fancy shoulder bag Rs.1,378 3.8 / 5
Lavie Women’s Ushawu Dome Satchel Rs. 1,343 4.1 / 5
Lavie horse bag for women Rs. 1,799 4.1 / 5

Price – Rs. 5,955

Customer Rating – 4.5/5

Available colors – 1 color option (Marsala)

Team product line

This crossbody and handbag from Hidesign is a classic product with brand confidence. Its versatile design is perfect for both casual and formal events and the red colored leather is vegetable tanned making it safe for your skin. It is individually handcrafted by artisans with over 18 years of experience in fine river sand. 1 main compartment and 1 side pocket are both closed with zips. It also has 1 patch pocket inside. This classic bag in supple croc-embossed leather is ideal for elegant days and elegant evenings.

Buy Hidesign Women’s Handbag (Marsala)

Price – Rs. 3,924

Customer Rating – 4.3/5

Available colors – 1 color choice (Red)

Hidesign Women's Handbag (Red)Team product line

The full grain leather bag has a soft Croco embossed combination and is available in a beautiful red color. It weighs around 500g and has multiple pockets with enough space to carry all your stuff in style. The chain strap can be easily adjusted for multiple lengths and gives a classy look to the bag. The handbag/side bag is perfect for work and also adorns casual looks. The vegetable tanned full-grain leather exterior with well-defined interiors accompanies you throughout the day. Hidesign handbags promise to be conversation starters and this bag is one of them.

Buy Hidesign Women’s Handbag (Red)

Price – Rs. 2,899

Customer Rating – 4.1/5

Available colors – 9 color/pattern options (black, coral, grey, beige, ocher, powder blue, navy blue, coral red, olive green)

Lavie Women's Dome Crossbody BagTeam product line

Molded in a dome shape, this super stylish crossbody/shoulder bag from Lavie is a steal. A perfect blend of style and quirkiness, the bag is available in multiple color and pattern options. The premium synthetic leather material is durable, lightweight and has a premium soft texture. The construction is sturdy and the strap is long enough to adjust to different lengths. It has 1 main compartment with zipper and 2 patch pockets next to a zippered pocket. Perfect sewing lines and elegant appearance are worth it.

Shop Women’s Dome Shoulder Bag Lavie

Price – Rs. 2,099

Customer Rating – 4.2/5

Available colors – 3 color options (white, blue, pink)

Miraggio Irene Soft Ruched Women's Shoulder HandbagTeam product line

The Miraggio Ruched Soft Shoulder and Handbag is a game-changer. This fashionable bag has single wide compartment with zipper closure and 1 cellphone/card pocket inside. A premium faux feather in the shape of a cloud with a half chain and shoulder strap enhances the style quotient of any outfit it’s worn with. The soft, airy puffy look and spaciousness add to its usefulness. This puffy purse comes in 3 beautiful colors that are easy to match with any outfit at any time of the day. It is spacious and durable, an economical purchase for regular and elegant use.

Buy Miraggio Irene Soft Gathered Women’s Shoulder Bag

Price – Rs. 1,573

Customer Rating – 4.3/5

Available colors – 5 color options (black, beige, pink, red, white)

Lino Perros faux leather handbagTeam product line

This handbag not only adds charm to your look, but it’s also roomy enough to hold all your stuff at once. The superior quality and smooth texture of Lino Perros bags are widely appreciated. This faux leather bag has two handles to distribute the weight evenly and a unique point design on the body making it stronger. It has 2 main compartments separated by a zipped pocket. According to customer reviews, the product has the best quality and gives a gorgeous look. You can elevate any look instantly with this addition to your outfit.

Buy faux leather handbag Lino Perros

Price – Rs. 1,499

Customer Rating – 4.6/5

Available colors – 1 color option (Teal)

Women's Caprese Tote BagTeam product line

A stylish tote bag with a luxe croc texture gives you plenty of space to carry the essentials. This faux leather bag from Caprese has 3 compartments with 1 internal center zippered compartment secured by a zipper to give you maximum storage without compromising your style statement. The flat and comfortable twin handles add an extra point to its usefulness. It is lightweight, chic, fashionable and durable. The teal color easily sets it apart in a room full of people.

Shop the Caprese Women’s Tote Bag

Price – Rs. 1,399

Customer Rating – 4.3/5

Available colors – Unique model (Grey)

ZOUK Printed Fabric Hobo BagTeam product line

Crafted from 100% vegan leather by skilled Indian artisans, Zouk bags are made from handcrafted fabrics and unique prints. This Hobo bag consists of the main zipper and a back chain for quick access to keep small items. The inner lining is water resistant. The outer material is jute and faux leather with a soft and comfortable shoulder strap. This multifunctional bag will make you look more fashionable and feel super practical thanks to its ultra-lightweight. Zouk brings products that combine style and functionality, with the essence of India.

Buy Zouk Fabric Printed Hobo Bag

Price – Rs. 1,378

Customer Rating – 3.8/5

Available colors – 5 color options (off-white, blue, pink, purple, yellow)

Lino Perros Fancy shoulder bagTeam product line

The simple and elegant shoulder bag from Lino Perros is made of high quality material. It is portable and light with a single compartment closed by a zip. It has a croc embossed texture on its outer surface. 2 patch pockets inside help you store small items separately. It is a good product for storing stuff and adding a fashionable touch to the fit. Premium fittings make it more decent. The half-chain half-shoulder strap is thin and matches the color of the bag.

Buy Lino Perros Fancy shoulder bag

Price – Rs. 1,343

Customer Rating – 4.1/5

Available colors – 10 color/print options (Brown, Coral, Gold, Grey, Burgundy, Mint, Navy, Olive, Purple, Red)

Lavie Women's Ushawu Dome SatchelTeam product line

Enrich your look with a Ushawu domed satchel bag from Lavie at a reasonable price. It is versatile, lightweight and available in several trendy colors. Made from premium synthetic leather with multiple color options and well-stitched lining, these are the things that make this bag a great deal. Made of premium leather, it also has a top zipper closure for added security and comfort. It is a spacious bag with 2 interior compartments, divided by an interior zipped storage and 2 patch pockets next to a zipped pocket.

Buy Lavie Women’s Ushawu Dome Messenger Bag

Price – Rs. 1,799

Customer Rating – 4.1/5

Available colors – 10 color options (Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Navy, Ochre, Ochre, Red)

Lavie horse bag for womenTeam product line

This meticulously designed women’s handbag is super cute to wear and comes in many color options. It’s a stylish bag for women and it’s durable, lightweight and versatile. Made from premium synthetic leather, it comes in 2 styles i.e. tote and satchel. The croc texture pattern further enhances the look. The interior has 2 main compartments, divided by interior zip storage and 2 slip pockets next to a zip pocket.

Buy Women’s Horse Bag Lavie

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Branded Handbags for Women FAQs

Q1. Which brand is best for handbags?

Answer : Hidesign, Caprese, Baggit, Lavie are the best known brands when it comes to handbags. Other brands like Zouk, DailyObjects, Miraggio and Lino Perros are also famous.

Q2. Is Hidesign a luxury brand?

Answer : Hidesign is one of the few Indian luxury brands to have gained its share of popularity and clientele internationally. He is famous for his detailed craftsmanship and style.

Q3. Which branded handbags are suitable for everyday use in the office?

Answer : Hidesign Women’s Handbag (Marsala), Lino Perros Faux Leather Handbag, Caprese Women’s Tote Bag, Ushawu Dome Women’s Lavie Satchel Bag, and Women’s Lavie Horse Bag are among the favorite bags of women. women in the office. They are trendy and spacious enough to easily carry all your items.

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