Top 10 work snacks according to asphalt finishers

When working in the middle of peak paving season, outdoors in the hot sun, you need to make sure that you or the workers you employ stay safe. One of the most important, and often least regulated, aspects of safety is conserving your energy by eating healthy, nutritious food at work. And who would know the best cobblestone snacks better than the same cobblestones who live them? We did a deep dive on the asphalt life community group (which has nearly 110,000 members) to see what advice they had to share. Here are the 10 best work snacks for on-the-job asphalt pavers and makers.

10.) Protein Bars

All of the items on this list are viable options, but we’ve ranked them here based on how many times they’ve been mentioned or suggested, how easy they are to store and consume, and finally their nutritional value.

Literally, the question that spurred this list started with finding alternatives to “granola bars.” We understand that granola and protein bars are not exactly the same thing, but have decided to group all “bars” as foods that have been mentioned. Rx bars, Nature Valley, Homemade, etc. All these options confer the same advantages, as well as the same disadvantages.

They generally provide more protein for energy, sustaining you longer throughout the day, and they’re easy to eat quickly with one hand. For that, they’re a good early morning option while you’re trying to get things done. You can smash one while you’re still lacing up your boots and heading for the door. However, as the day progresses, their taste and texture may not be as long-lasting as the protein they provide.

9.) Gummy Snacks

This is a bit of a controversial article. Asphalt Life band member Tim Mason even commented that maybe it was just about “The new ones. You have to buy with a card.” For the purposes of this article, we’ll keep that in regards to the type you’ll find at the grocery store. Although it appeared several times, there were plenty of detractors, depending on the type and brand of fruit snack in question. Nutritionally, most of these varieties are suspect. Higher in sugar and not containing a significant source of protein, but the sugar is not completely unnecessary. You need to have carbs for a little burst of energy once in a while. All in all, with the junk they produce (tiny bags they come in) and the short energy life they give you, the verdict is: not so great.

8.) Boiled or Pickled Eggs

These have appeared several times, in both options, pickled or simply boiled, and it makes sense. From bodybuilders to health-conscious dieters, everyone knows that eggs can pack a decent punch without too much hassle. You can prepare them the day before, refrigerate them, then put them in a ziplock bag and take them away. Mix a little salt and pepper inside to make them even better. They have exactly what the body needs. With an average of about 6 grams of protein, about 5 grams of fat, and about 77 calories per egg, a handful of these will get you through a few hours of hard work for sure.

Perhaps one of their only downsides would be storage and flavor. Not everyone likes eggs in general, so if that’s you, obviously this one isn’t a winner. Also, if you don’t have a good refrigerated lunch box, they could get too hot. Maybe a reheated boiled egg is your jam? Maybe not. Where you fall on this line is probably the deciding factor in determining where this is on your personal list.

7.) Sunflower seeds

When I worked in the steel mill, it was a staple in the summer. Turns out asphalt finishers think so too! These are savory, savory treats – which also come in a wide variety of other flavors, readily available at the gas station if you’ve forgotten to pack something else for the day ahead. A BARBECUE. Ranch. Tabasco. You name it, they probably have a bag of flavored sunflower seeds, which can easily be stowed in your pocket and retrieved when needed without too much distraction. Of course, the biggest downside to these snacks is the shells. Depending on your working conditions, they may or may not want a layer of 1/4″ thick sunflower seed shells lying around on the floor at the end of the day.

6.) Cheese

See. The power of cheese. Why? Because it’s awesome. You love her, and you know how I know? Because even lactose intolerant people want to eat it. Otherwise, why would Lactaid be a thing? Because cheese is good and everyone wants to eat it. Beyond that, however, it’s emerged as a good source of energy for paving snacks during the workday. Most often it came in the form of individually wrapped “string cheese” or “cheese sticks”, and can be found in low-fat part-skim varieties if that’s what you fancy.

Not just for those who like almost tasteless mozzarella (personal opinion), you can also get cheddar, colby, and pepper-jack, if you’re spicy. Like eggs, however, they have a similar potential temperature drawback. While you can eat a hot boiled egg, I don’t see most people eating a hot stick of sweaty cheese. It’s a bit like beer. Cold cheese – great! Hot cheese – thank you?? As in: I might still eat it if I’m desperate enough. Final verdict here: if you don’t have a cooler, maybe skip the cheese.

5.) Fresh Vegetables

As we enter the second half of this list, the real bright stars come out. The Asphalt Life community page was overflowing with recommendations and the benefits of stocking up on fresh veggies for the workday, as well as an easy recipe or two to up the options even further. Member George Nunez wrote “Cucumber & celery with lemon & Tajin 💯💯💯💯👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻“, all bagged and shaken up, this snack is packed with flavor and can help with hydration on a particularly hot day.

If you don’t just like a bag of veggies and want to add carbs and protein, DaLonna Lennea has a unique style,”I wrap the vegetables in a tortilla, with a little cream cheese. Easy to eat, delicious and quite healthy. While this method may require a way to keep it cool on hot days, there are plenty of ways to mix and match the vegetables you like, and there really isn’t a wrong way to go about it. are healthy, easy, and full of water and other nutrients, even if they don’t always taste the best on their own.

4.) Nuts/Trail Mix

It’s obvious. There are so many options, so many different kinds of nuts, and they are similar in versatility to vegetables. What gives nuts the edge, however, is that they definitely provide more energy than vegetables. Whether you like peanuts, cashews, almonds or pistachios, each handful contains high amounts of protein and fat that your body can burn while working hard. Easy to store throughout your workday, they can always be on hand if you’re feeling a little hungry and need a little pick-up and don’t have much time.

Trail Mix is ​​next level here too, as you can make it yourself at home or just buy it pre-made. A good trail mix takes all the goodness of nuts and seeds and adds dried fruit for a tiny bit of water and sugar, plus dark chocolate chunks that give you important antioxidants. Now, on particularly hot days, that chocolate can melt in a bag, but that’s no downside when it’s just going to coat the rest of the mixture in a heavenly salty-sweet treat. There is worse.

3.) Jerky/Meat Sticks

Believe it or not, these snacks have a long history. The tradition of drying, flavoring and curing sliced ​​pieces of meat dates back to the days of the Old West and even beyond. Indigenous peoples also had their own smoking and drying methods, preserving enough to survive through lean times or bad seasons. For those who train on the roads, paving in the scorching sun every day, they are still an excellent choice. Salty and on sale in many flavors and variations, this is the type of food where a little goes a long way. That’s a good thing too, because the biggest negative factor with jerky is its price. If you’ve ever tossed a bag of jerky on the counter after refueling, you were probably a little shocked by the stickers. A good solution to this is to make your own jerky at home. If you want to regularly add it to your daily diet, it’s probably worth investing in a home dehydrating/drying system where you can whip up whole batches yourself.

2.) Fruit

Like vegetables, fruits have tons and tons of benefits. It lands much higher on our list, due to its greater variety of sweet, water-filled options. While dried fruit can be good too, it’s much more refreshing to take a bite of frozen chunks of watermelon, cantelope, or honeydew melon. Although you can fill a bag or container with a bunch of mixed berries and/or cherries, there are many fruits that come with their own natural wrappers. Oranges, apples and bananas are protected all day, ready when you need them. Like vegetables, fruits are great for staying hydrated while getting more sugar and other essential vitamins. Their biggest downside is also that they aren’t the toughest, as they lack the kind of protein needed for long-term sustenance in harsh working conditions.

1.) Pickles

100% without a doubt, the number one defending champion of the community group Asphalt Life was… the pickles. Are you as surprised as I am right now? Because I could have gotten closer to most of this list before I started looking for the suggestions, but I don’t think I would have identified the snack mentioned at the top as PICKLES. However, once you take a closer look, it makes a lot more sense than you might first think. Pickles are loaded with water, salt, sugar and a tiny bit of vinegar, in other words, many of the same electrolytes you’ll find in a sports hydration drink like Gatorade. They do not really need temperature, you can enjoy them cold or warm without real disgust. They are also very versatile in terms of flavors. You can find them commercially in sweeter or spicier styles, and like jerky, it’s not that hard to start making them at home to your liking.

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