This Season’s New Investment Bag Isn’t What You Expected

The most iconic investment bags are the product of big luxury fashion houses, but in 2022 customers are pouring their money into more experimental designs from brands that aren’t known. This season highlights the angular shapes and bold colorways of the industry’s most adventurous talents.

JW Anderson Bumper Moon Bag

JW Anderson Bumper Baguette Leather Shoulder Bag

Jonathan Anderson unveiled his adorable Bumper bag for Spring/Summer 2022. You’ve probably seen the two-tone rainbow bag, which comes in a wand and moon shape, hugging Dua Lipa, Shygirl and other fans famous who bought in the delightfully flexible style. (He’s the designer who gave us his loafers and chain bags, after all).

Dua Lipa wearing a blue and green Bumper wand.

Raymond Room

Shygirl showing what’s inside her bumper inside her In the bag video for british vogue.

Acne Studios’ Musubi bag – available in juicy hues like fuchsia, electric blue and purple, and in various sizes – is another quirky favorite. With its spongy interior and knotted sides, it’s a playful departure from popular handbags, with a lower price point that makes it accessible to a younger clientele.

Megan Thee Stallion in a metallic pink Diesel dress and matching 1DR bag.


Sharp styles are also in fashion. Diesel’s sporty 1DR bags became an instant hit after creative director Glenn Martens introduced the nostalgic shape early in his tenure. “[The] The 1DR bag is simple, easy, sexy, genderless and fun – which, ultimately, are exactly Diesel’s core values,” he previously told British vogue.

Coperni Swipe leather bag

Pleasure is also a top priority at Coperni. Her curvaceous Swipe bags have become catnip for Gen-Z customers. The brand set the internet ablaze with a devil horned version made in collaboration with glassware specialist Heven. The shiny top handle is a different kind of investment than, say, a Chanel Flap or Hermès Birkin bag, but it’s quite the fashion flex for now.

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