This is how Scarborough Council hopes to transform the town’s train station and the Pavilion House building

Artist’s impression of the proposed transport interchange. (Scarborough Council)

The City Council is proposing to purchase Pavilion House, opposite the station, so that it can be renovated and turned into high quality offices.

The purchase is part of a larger flagship regeneration project for the area around the station which could unlock £ 50million of investment in the borough.

The main entrance to the station is the most important aspect of Scarborough’s plan to transform the city center.

Artist’s impression of the transformed space outside the station. (Scarborough Council)

A report, presented at a cabinet meeting, will also seek permission to purchase the old Comet building on Westwood.

The council’s ambition is to radically improve the area around the station to create a more attractive entrance to Scarborough for visitors and residents.

The crossroads and public space would be redeveloped into a “station square” to facilitate access to the city center from the station and enhance its visual appeal.

A new transport interchange would be created to provide more opportunities for people to travel around the area and leave their cars at home.

Artist’s impression of what Pavilion House could look like. (Scarborough Council)

The proposals would include electric car rentals and car clubs, a hub for bicycles and scooters, electric charging points and improved access to local bus and taxi services.

The 1970s concrete cladding on Pavilion House would be removed and replaced with glazing to give the building a modern look and improve its environmental credentials.

The council’s ambition is to create a public sector ‘hub’ in Pavilion House and is in discussion with the NHS and Beyond Housing about their future housing needs.

The rest of the building would be offered as a “touch” workspace for companies.

Artist’s impression of what the Comet building could look like. (Scarborough Council)

The proposal for the old Comet building is to demolish it and replace it with high quality offices.

It is intended for a new digital workspace called FabLab.

Fablab is a digital “factory” that helps entrepreneurs turn their ideas into products and prototypes by giving them access to advanced manufacturing technologies.

The council’s aspirations for the redevelopment of the station entrance are supported by the Town Deal Board of Scarborough, local business leaders, the rail operator Transpennine Express, the bus company East Yorkshire Motor Services and the council of county.

The costs of the program would be covered by income from the sale of other council assets and the already approved savings fund that was set aside to buy property in Scarborough.

It is also hoped that an offer to the Government Upgrade Fund will be successful, allowing additional contribution of funds to the transformation work.

Councilors have already agreed on a master plan for Scarborough and a separate Municipal Investment Plan (TIP). It focuses on skills and enterprise, cultural activities, environment, connectivity, well-being and sustainability.

The transformation of the station entrance area will remove some of the barriers to economic growth in Scarborough and help the economy recover from the impacts of Covid-19.

Mike Greene, Managing Director of Scarborough Borough Council, said: “Our plans for the station walkway are bold, exciting and transformative.

“They are the cornerstone of our master plan for Scarborough and would revolutionize the look and feel of the region.

“Our ambition has long been to deal with this ugly – and seemingly unloved – part of the city center and I am delighted that we can finally submit our proposals to the advisers.

“Creating high-quality offices and improving access to sustainable public transportation will unlock enormous economic potential for Scarborough and the borough.

David Kerfoot, Chairman of the Scarborough Town Deal Board, said: “The proposals for the entrance area to Scarborough Station are exciting and I am very supportive of the transformation of this part of the city center.

“First impressions are very important, so when visitors to Scarborough currently arrive at the station, they are greeted by a large road junction and an ugly building from the 1970s.

“That’s why the Town Bid thinks we can do a lot better and give these visitors a first class first impression of the city.

“Additionally, the council’s vision for high quality office space and a new transportation interchange will create a much better proposition for the business investment that is so important.”

Gareth Edmunds, Director of External Affairs for Anglo American, said: “Improving the area around the station will be an important part of the city’s regeneration and its future economic success.

“We look forward to this ambitious vision for Scarborough which will further develop to benefit residents and businesses. “

James Goodall, Director of The Goodall Group, said: “These ambitious plans for the station walkway are integral to realizing the aspirations of the Town Deal and the continued regeneration of the city center.

“The city has called for modern office space and this will turn the current visual pollution into a beating commercial heart.

“I’m sure this will only lead to further investment in Scarborough and looks to be the start of an exciting time for the region.

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