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Photo of Josh Hughes Abbie Smith (00) of Warren pulls off an assist while working against Ajia Schretter of New Philadelphia in the Warriors 36-34 victory on Saturday at Vincent. Smith finished with 16 points and nine rebounds.

VINCENT – Less than a day after the Warren boys won a tight, dramatic home game, the girls did the same in a 36-34 win over the New Philadelphia Quakers on Saturday afternoon. Points were valuable throughout the game as key defensive plays kept the game tight throughout the game.

Abbie Smith succeeded in the first half; racking up 10 points and five boards in the first 16 low-scoring minutes, and she wasn’t the only warrior in the action. Alex Frazee had three of her four first-half assists, as she handed out two cents to Smith and one more to Tessa Haffner. His nine points were just behind Smith’s top, as both Warriors had moments that helped the team defeat the East Central Ohio League rivals Quakers.

After Haffner hit a shot to make it 32-26 with 2:43 left, NP called on his own presence in the paint to recover in the contest. Ajia Schretter had a day with 15 points and five boards, and she made sure her team didn’t go down for the first time this year without a fight. A close-range pair of buckets drew visitors to a pair, and it was thanks to the full New Philly press that caused some turnovers from Warren with less than two minutes to go.

His second straight mark came at 1:05 on the clock, so Smith had to grab the possession that followed on the free throw line. Smith swung the 1 and 1 and the second free throw to make it 34-30, and soon Frazee had to do the same.

After Schretter scored again with 24.6 seconds left, the Quakers had a quick chance to tie the game after Frazee couldn’t hold on to the incoming pass that followed. This complete press paid dividends, but Frazee secured its buyout moments later. Schretter got the ball into the low post with the time fading, as she challenged Smith with a shot back and forth. From there, Schretter tried to recover an offensive rebound, but Frazee pulled the ball away from him. On the other side, Frazee made her free throws, as Warren improved to 5-2 last year after that crucial ECOL game.

WHS head coach Amy Way spoke about those late-game heroisms at the charity strip and how the team overcame a string of second-half turnovers.

“It was huge. She missed a few earlier, but she stepped up and when we needed her most to hit those shots, she did, ” Way said of Smith at the free throw line before talking about Frazee. “(Abbie) also shot a jumper on the free throw line, and that was huge. I’ll take Alex to the free throw line any day. I think she’s 90 percent or so, so she’s pretty much cash on the line. “

Speaking of the late-game mistakes, Way said it was the product of a physical afternoon. However, Way said this win comes down to doing business with a new group of girls. “seeking to find himself.” Warren hits the road Monday to play Union Local. As for New Philadelphia, head coach Kevin Cornell said his team couldn’t capitalize on enough opportunities, which made it harder to compete on the home stretch.

“You can’t give good starts to good teams, and we didn’t play very well today, especially in the first half (down 19-11 at the break)” he said. “We had to fight, and I give the girls credit for fighting back, but you can’t be like that against a good team. Our pressure made us look great to come back, but we missed a few easy ones around the rim that I think we let in our heads.

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