The Supergoop X Gray Malin Daily Getaway Kit Is Back In Stock

Good news, skincare fans – Supergoop has made it easy (again!) to make sure you’re stocked with plenty of SPF goodies. And yes, that includes the brand’s beloved sunscreen.

After selling out too quickly last year, Supergoop’s exclusive SPF-filled collaboration with Gray Malin is finally back on shelves. If you’ve missed the hype before, the limited-edition Everyday Getaway Kit includes six summer skincare essentials: Lip Shield, Body Mist, Cooling Mist, Luminizing Oil, Lotion and sunscreen, all packed with SPF and packaged in a range. themed pouch. These are six products presented in a practical and water-resistant pouch, ideal for all summer trips.

So what exactly do you get in this sought after kit? First, there’s a bottle of the Play Everyday Lotion, with SPF 50, sunflower extract, and a water- and sweat-resistant formula. It can be used on both the face and body and is large enough to last a while, while meeting TSA requirements to be packed in carry-on luggage.

Then there’s Supergoop’s famous Invisible Sunscreen, a fragrance-free, weightless creation with SPF 40 that users swear has a soft, velvety texture.. There’s also the Play Lip Shield, a moisturizing lip protector made with coconut, avocado, and grapeseed earth that has SPF 30 and mint; the Play Antioxidant Body Mist, a luminous, water-resistant spray with vitamin C and SPF 50; the (Re)setting Refreshing Mist, which uses SPF 40 to set makeup and keep you beautiful all day long; and finally, Glow Oil, a super hydrating body oil with SPF 50 that the brand claims leaves your skin glowing, without feeling greasy.

Buy it! Supergoop x Gray Malin Daily Getaway Kit, $75;

As a bonus, several items, as well as the reusable bag, are designed to feature lovely bright images of a California beach, taken by famed photographer Malin. It’s the perfect on-the-go kit for summer, although of course your skin can benefit from these nourishing products all year round. And at just $75 for all six products plus the bag, the collection is “such a steal” and “worth the price,” according to shoppers.

“This little kit has everything I need and want for the summer,” wrote a recent customer, adding that the “cute” pouch is the perfect size to throw in a tote bag when you get out. Several other reviewers praised the variety of items included in the kit, noting how they can basically test every lotion and mist. As one fan summed it up, this “dreamy” and “beautiful” kit allows them to “try on so many products before buying the actual size.”

If you’re on the hunt for new skincare essentials, don’t sleep while picking up the Supergoop X Gray Malin Kit because chances are it will sell out again soon. And grabbing it now means you won’t have to wait until next year to enjoy these skin-soothing treats.

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