The police “kidnap” the trader from Aligarh, beating him up; suspended cop


A police inspector from Kotwali Police Station in Bulandshahr has been suspended for taking a shopkeeper from Aligarh into custody and beating him up. The police officer in question had not obtained permission to go to Aligarh and had left Bulandshahar district without any orders to do so.

A case was recorded at the Harduaganj police station in Aligarh, where the victim trader was fired after being “kidnapped” and beaten up by police inspector Ajay Kumar and his associates. Aligarh police have opened an investigation into the case.

Meanwhile, Bulandshahr police had the case investigated after allegations were made against the inspector. Ajay Kumar was stationed at Kotwali Nagar Police Station in Bulandshahr, Bulandshahr SSP Santosh Kumar Singh said.

“The case concerns a case registered at Kotwali Nagar Police Station in Bulandshahar on September 16 under felony number 1398/2021. The case was brought by Rajeev Kumar Sharma, a resident of Bulandshahar against Abhishek Tiwari, a trader in Aligarh, after a check of ??6.60,000 issued by Tiwari, in favor of plaintiff Sharma, rebounded.

“Inspector Ajay Kumar was the investigator in the case and went to Aligarh without any order or permission from higher authorities and left the district against the settlement. The issue of bad checks does not fall under the definition of a serious offense, nor is there any provision for the arrest of an accused.

“However, Ajay Kumar allegedly placed the trader Abhishek Tiwari in detention without valid reason and tortured him on Thursday evening. These allegations have been investigated and found to be true and, as such, Inspector Ajay Kumar has been suspended, ”SSP Bulandshahr said.

The case created resentment in Aligarh as trader Abhishek Tiwari was all but “kidnapped” by Ajay Kumar and others, who came to the Tiwari factory in Aligarh on Thursday evening. Tiwari was severely beaten as he left the Harduaganj factory.

It is reported that the head of the local police station in Harduaganj reached the place to stop the attack but was outnumbered and said it was a police raid.

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