The most important accessories for Apple Airpods and Airpods Max


Protective covers

The Airpods themselves are still well protected in the bag by the charging case. Unfortunately, the plastic box itself is prone to unsightly scratches or severe damage. To avoid scratching the Airpods charging case, there are hundreds of different protective covers. Some of them are more practical, others are mainly aimed at attracting attention. If you want to give your Airpods case an individual touch, you will definitely find it.

A simple variant in real leather like this Woolnut Airpod Case discreetly protects and improves visual appearance. Such a case is priced at 20 to 35 euros. Monochrome plastic silicone sleeves and sleeves are less noticeable. The waterproof model from Catalyst, for example, is available from 21 euros. Simple versions like the Elago silicone cases cost just 8 euros.

It looks like Airpods Max (test report). A case is also included in the delivery, but only protects a part of the noble and expensive headphones. In addition to the completely closed covers for carrying in a backpack, there are also protective covers for the aluminum ear cups. These protect the surface from unsightly defects and give the helmet an individual appearance. If you want, you can also replace the standard cover with a half-closed case with an eye-catching design.

Extra power

With 398mAh of charge in the case, the AirPods get by for three good charge cycles with around five hours of music. It’s good for everyday life, but not for traveling. A power bank is a good addition when you’re on the go with your Airpods. Better yet: a power bank with a built-in Airpods compartment. They are available from 30 euros.

There are two categories to choose from. On the one hand, there are replacement cases, on the other hand, real batteries with a compartment for Airpods. Power banks start at 20 euros. you can find it here INIU charging case with 10,000 mAh, suitable cables and a USB-A connection for charging other devices. If you need it a bit smaller, you can also get separate charging cases for Airpods. They look like the original case and offer up to five battery charges or are attached to the actual case. The slip-on variant PowerAir700 are available from around 30 euros on Amazon. Lenture offers a model with an additional QI standard recharge for 36 euros. In order to charge the older generation of Airpods with an existing QI power bank (test report), there are also adapters for the original charging case.

If you want to charge your Airpods Max on the go, you also have suitable accessories in the form of classic power banks. If charging is to work wirelessly, retailers offer suitable solutions in the form of a Qi adapter for headphones To. These consist of a soft TPU shell for the earbuds with a built-in Qi receiver, which is connected directly to the Airpods Max via USB-C. The price of the retrofit solution is around 20 euros.


How to take it: Stickers beautify or worsen the look of Airpods. They definitely have a positive side effect. They help to avoid unsightly scratches on the surface. Such stickers or skins are available for the headphones as well as for the interior and exterior surfaces of the case. For the interior, the stickers set rather fine accents. With asterisks, lightning, monochrome or gold, the stickers are available from a voucher 7 euros.

There are complete sticker sets for the exterior and headphones. Here you will find stickers with funny sayings, with vivid colors or patterns. It starts at 8 euros.


There are accessories or tuning gadgets for Airpods for a wide variety of occasions. Simple but practical for friends of silicone in-ear headphones, the rubber ear caps for Airpods. They are available either simply as a silicone cover, with a holder for the headset or with in-ear plugs for the ear canal. It starts here from 6 euros. If Airpods like to slip out of your ears or play sports, here’s a handy addition when in doubt. As a result, there are also holders for the headset from 2 euros.

Silicone straps for Airpods are also great for sports people. On the one hand it contradicts True Wireless, but for those who play sports it’s an added safety measure if you don’t want to lose the grip. And if – for some reason – you don’t have the Airpods charging case with you, there are always plug mounts for it. wrist, Apple watch and backpack.

Another accessory solves a problem for frequent travelers: With the Twelve South AirFly Duo wireless transmitter, you get the sound of classic jack connections to one or two pairs of Airpods or Airpods Max. The product is around 50 euros in the price comparison. We have already tested other variants of such Bluetooth transmitters (comparative test).

If the accessories are to be as cheap as possible, we recommend that you use a set. The processing quality is not very high, but the price-performance ratio is decent. Cheap Kits are mostly available for around 10 euros.

Charging stations

There are a number of great options out there, including wireless charging (tips) for Airpods. In addition to normal charging pads or power banks, multiple chargers are of particular interest to iPhone or Apple Watch users. The Cellularline Dual wireless fast charger with twice 10 watts of power is relatively simple and convinces with its good workmanship and high performance. The price is just under 70 euros. The Terratec Chargeair All Desk for 49 euros is cheaper and still correctly processed. The relatively inconspicuous charging station offers room for the Apple Watch, an iPhone and the Airpods case.

The multi-charge stands from Perfuw or Baiwka for around 20 euros are even cheaper. These multi-chargers also have room for a second smartphone. If you have your charging station next to your bed, you can also choose a variant with an integrated table lamp. We show the best Qi chargers in a comparison test.


Airpods and Airpods Max are great ex works, but there are still some useful additions and tuning options. Experience has shown that the covers are really useful in protecting the sensitive plastic surface and the silicone straps for the use of the helmet during sports. The prices are so low that the investment is well worth it. The same goes for the silicone protectors of the Airpods Max earbuds.

When it comes to the extra battery capacity and the charging station, we wouldn’t go for the cheapest products, but rather invest a little more. With the Chargeair All Desk, Terratec shows that a good charging station does not have to be very expensive. From our point of view, conventional power banks are best suited for mobile power, as they also work universally with other end devices.

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