The dilemma of the ‘spill’ bag of groceries from the ALDI supermarket is sparking intense debate on Facebook – but who is to blame?

An ALDI customer has sparked a debate on social media after a popular cleaning purchase spilled into her grocery bag after a recent shop.

Sharing on a popular Facebook page, the customer said she was disappointed when she arrived home after shopping at her local ALDI to find a bottle of Di San Pre Wash stain remover had leaked through her shopping bag.

Desperate to keep her toddler from touching the ‘chemical mess’, the mum said she had to throw away many of her groceries to avoid putting her child at risk.

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Anxious to know what her rights are in this situation, the client contacted social networks for advice.

“Product leaks in shopping bags – was someone else the source of this and ruined a lot of your purchases? I wonder how to go about it to talk to ALDI about it and what my rights might be, she asked on the Aldi Mums Facebook page.

“My toddler was rummaging around while I took care of the chemical mess, so I had to throw a lot of the goods as I went before he touched them.

ALDI customers are encouraged to load their own groceries into shopping bags. Credit: Facebook

“It was a Di San spray that leaked – it has happened before but not to this extent. So I wondered if it was a manufacturing issue as the lids seem to be leaking and they will have to maybe do something about it.

The mum was initially criticized by some who mistakenly assumed she put the cleaning purchase in the same bag as groceries, saying ‘everyone needs to relax’.

“I didn’t put it in the same bag as the food, but with other specials etc.,” she replied.

“The bottle was not perfectly straight in the bag, but slightly tilted at an angle (not sideways though). The lid was screwed on but was leaking.

“I just thought something that’s a harsh chemical and a poison should legally have better packaging and wondered if anyone else had any issues.”

Many felt that despite the spill, the blame lay with shoppers given that ALDI customers are urged to pack their own bags.

“I don’t know what is ALDI’s fault or problem? You pack your own bags. At least now you know not to pack cleaning supplies with other items. Good luck,” said one.

The ALDI buyer wrote this post on Facebook.
The ALDI buyer wrote this post on Facebook. Credit: Provided

Added another: “Since you pack your own bags at ALDI and carry them home, I doubt you have grounds for a refund/replacement unless you can prove that the bottle of cleaner was faulty/broken before leaving the store.

“I would give it a go and make sure I have a separate plastic bag in the future for cleaning supplies and check the bottle when you take them from the shelf.”

A third writes: “I have seen people open a product, sniff it and then put it back on the shelf. I guess more often than not the cover is not put back on properly. Definitely not the store’s fault!

Sad again: “You take your own. What is ALDI’s responsibility? I never pack cleaning products with food.

Another Facebook user wrote, “You can let them know this happened, but it’s still your responsibility to check before you buy. I don’t know what Aldi can do for you because they haven’t packed.

ALDI's Di San spray, right, is a popular buy for many shoppers.
ALDI’s Di San spray, right, is a popular buy for many shoppers. Credit: Facebook

But other ALDI buyers sympathized with the mother, saying they had had similar experiences.

“Yes, I had a whole bottle leak on the car seat of my brand new car. Not happy at all. I never thought to check the bottle lid. I was mad at myself for didn’t check out,” one Facebook user said.

“Happened to me yesterday, whole bottle spilled in my boot,” another added.

A third wrote: “Had the same with Di San stain remover spray bottle recently. I put it in my cart and while I did the rest of my shopping it dripped all over my other items and the floor.

“I went to the tills to find it was half full. Now I know to really check the top is tight before I put it in my cart.

Another said: “I’ve gotten into the habit of checking every screw on the lid, especially the cleaning supplies. They can work loose for a number of reasons. This is good practice and surprising how often the lids are not screwed on tight enough.

Some Facebook users encouraged the buyer to contact ALDI directly.  File picture.
Some Facebook users encouraged the buyer to contact ALDI directly. File picture. Credit: Matthew Horwood/Getty

Another customer encouraged the buyer to contact his local ALDI manager.

“Sorry to hear about your mishap. Mention the loss and damage to the store manager, I’m sure they will help you,” she said.

ALDI encourages any customer who has had a problem with a product to contact the supermarket directly through the Help Center, which can be found here.

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