Ten items to wrap and prices explored

It’s time to turn our attention to Chapter 2 of the Gucci x North Face collaboration.

On December 21, Gucci released a trailer for its second collaboration with The North Face, the famous American outerwear company.

The North Face has long been popular with outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers. On the other hand, Gucci is also a very revered brand.

The companies had previously worked together in 2020 to release a collection of products that would combine their two styles. Now, in December 2021, their second collaboration is also ready to be sold.

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Gucci x North Face collaboration explored

The new collaboration includes a variety of items ranging from jackets, boots, hats, bags to even skirts.

Gucci visited their website and also presented a lookbook on how these items can be combined to create the best look. Therefore, instead of buying individual parts and wondering how to put them together, you can directly purchase the look.

The prices of the items range from $ 600 to $ 6,000. It also offers elegant dresses that always correspond to the spirit of exploring nature, a recurring theme in the collaboration of brands.

Describing the collaboration on its website, The North Face writes: “The vibrancy of the 1990s has been redesigned to enhance the look, feel and soul of icons. Led by the original ’92 Nuptse, each piece is infused with immersive prints, unexpected fabrics, and deeper colors. The known becomes unknown again.

The new campaign of the second chapter of the brands collaboration was carried out by the French twins Jalan and Jibril Durimel. It features Gucci explorers trekking through Iceland and its black volcanic sands, verdant and wild hills and glaciers.

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Ten bag items from the collection

While the new collaboration features many stunning creations, here are ten of our favorites.

Gucci x North Face jackets and vests

The must-have North Face x Gucci jacket: $ 1,900
Down jacket: $ 2,900

Great tops and shirts

Silk shirt: $ 1,500
Lace shirt: $ 2,500
Polo sweater: $ 2,400

Dresses, skirts and stockings

Lace skirt: $ 3,800
Overalls: $ 2,900
The North Face x Gucci dress: $ 4,800

Other elements

Gucci – The North Face x Gucci men’s boot: $ 1,490
The North Face x Gucci Crossbody Bag: $ 1,200

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