Social networks call for help animals in memory of Betty White

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WTVF) – Just days after her passing, a beloved American treasure is all the rage on Twitter again.

This time it’s like “#bettywhitechallenge”. What is that? Well, it’s a call to action that some say is the best possible tribute to a TV legend.

Question for you. Is there a place in Nashville that reminds you of Betty White? Maybe Cheesecake Factory? The Golden Girls loved the cheesecake. Maybe a TV station could remind some of Sue Ann Nivens in Mary Tyler Moore.

What about the Nashville Humane Association?

“Like so many others, I’m addicted to the ‘Golden Girls’,” said Kenneth Tallier of the Nashville Humane Association with a laugh. “Like cheesecake, it’s comfort food.”

Tallier loves these great scenes from Golden Girls.

“Dorothy is at the kitchen island and says, ‘Cheesecake, Rose? And Rose said, ‘Let’s taste and find out!’ “


Tallier knows, beyond being sitcom royalty, Betty White had a heart for animals as big as Saint-Olaf.

“She used her fame to be a voice for animals that can’t speak,” Tallier said. “You just have to love and respect her for that.”

Betty White’s passing, just weeks before her 100th birthday, was sad news to many.

“I went out to get a cheesecake that night in his honor,” Tallier said. “This one is for Betty.”

Since then, an article has been all the rage on Twitter; the #bettywhitechallenge. He’s asking people to donate five dollars or more to a shelter or animal shelter on January 17, Betty White’s 100th birthday.

“I know there are a number of donations that have already been made to the Nashville Humane Association,” Tallier said. “The message is simple. For Betty.”

Social media has already played in Betty White’s favor. A social media campaign was instrumental in winning her a hosting gig on Saturday Night Live in 2010.

Tallier said there couldn’t be a better way to say to Betty, “Thanks for being a friend.”

“She’s somewhere right now, smiling, surrounded by dogs from her past,” he said. “She’s just happy people remember her that way. For lack of better words, she’s really golden.”

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