Shaurya Sanadhya Tulshyan left home at 16 to build a dream life

Shaurya Sanadhya Tulshyan, in a conversation with SheThePeople, talks about the risks she took in her career to find her calling and build a life she is proud to live.

I left home at 16 and left my hometown Lucknow to go to Pune for studies. College life came with many lessons and dreams. One was to build my own life – a life my parents would be proud of. Growing up I was always interested in modeling and wanted to be an actor full time. So I started modeling and also ended up acting in a daily soap opera. I didn’t earn much at the time, but I earned enough to cover my education costs. I quickly found my calling in fashion and decided to accept a position as a fashion assistant. My salary was only 8,000 per month and I knew that was not enough for the dreams I had for myself.

My father, an Air Force officer, asked me to serve on AFCAT, but the Air Force or Defense Force was never my calling. I was never in it but to keep my dad’s words, I went through the tests and the selection process and got a place. My father was delighted, but to his surprise, I did not continue because it was not my vocation. My parents were concerned about my career and suggested I pursue a master’s degree so that I could fall back on a well-paying job. I accepted them and finished my masters, but deep down I knew my heart was in fashion.

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I was placed in a multinational after my master’s degree and it paid off enough for a standard life that I want to live. Only to make my unrealized dreams come true, I started a YouTube channel and kept posting videos I would do on the weekends – these would be style tips, beauty hacks, fashion trips, vlogs travel, everything I loved. My parents said, “unless you start earning the same amount from social media that you earn from your job, you shouldn’t quit it.” It took me over a year but I made it. My parents were now convinced, ‘yeh sambhaal legi’.

I am now a full time content creator and have also opened my own fashion line and a skin and body care line now. I built the life of my dreams. From earning $8,000 at three separate companies, I’ve come a long way in life and wouldn’t change a thing if given the chance.

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