Season 2’s ‘Euphoria’ Outfits Ranked by Style, Price and How Meaningful They Are

Besides its devastating intrigues, Euphoria also captivated audiences with her costume choices. If you searched on Google “Euphoria outfits” even since the new season premiered, you’re not alone. During the first season of the hit HBO series, all eyes were on the stylish makeup choices, but, during the second season, the focus seems to have shifted slightly towards fashion.

Sure, season one already had its fair share of #fashun content (all hails Y2K-inspired queen Maddy Perez), but we could argue that season two stepped it up. Not only does fashion not take up much space this season, but it also sometimes helps drive the plot forward – just look at Cassie’s sartorial ploys to get the attention of Nate or Maddy who are dressing up in the house where she is. work.

After each episode, Euphoria fans have been known to concoct many theories regarding character plots, analyzing potential foreshadowings and dissecting behind-the-scenes interviews. Likewise, some do the same with character outfits, which can serve as a light (and sometimes much-needed) distraction from the show’s heavy subject matter, especially as we approach the season finale.

Since there are no prominent teachers at Euphoria High, we thought: why not examine the fashion of the characters while probably giving them the only grades they would ever get? (For fun, of course!) Below, we take a look at some of the most memorable fashion moments from Cassie, Maddy, Lexi, Fez, Faye, Kat, Elliot, Jules, and Street during Euphoriaand rank them by portability, affordability, and style. Let’s get ready to rumble!

Cassie’s outfits on Euphoria


During the now infamous bathtub scene, Cassie wears a wrap-around swimsuit from Frankies Bikinis, which retails for $180. It’s definitely not the most affordable, but neither is it Great expensive, so it’s easy to see how the high schooler could have afforded it. As Kat says during the episode, the cut is definitely “a choice,” but no one can deny that Sydney Sweeney looked stunning in it — yes, even while puking. This piece probably isn’t the most comfortable to wear and let’s not even address possible tan lines, but it served its purpose.

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