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After skipping breakfast as usual, you walk into Sharpe’s mess hall for lunch, stand in line with a heavy backpack (because there are inevitably no seats), are ignored by a few acquaintances passers-by you’ve been trying to make eye contact with, step back to refresh your Instagram homepage, and finally get your hands on one of those sturdy, warm porcelain plates just to stand in front of ” soft ‘comfort foods’ that look like anything but. Looks like I got you a camera? Well, here are eight unusual-yet-accessible Ratty food combinations that might soothe your hungry stomach on one of those mediocre-but-all-too-frequent Ratty days.

1. Animal-style fries

A time-saving guilty pleasure straight out of the burger station. Simply chop up some sausages and sprinkle them over the fries, then top with shredded cheese. For an optimal gourmet experience, microwave them until the cheese begins to melt. Ding! Sooty animal style fries are served in less than five minutes!

2. Peanut butter (and sometimes pineapple) bacon burger

Try it before considering it a bad combination! The creaminess and nutty taste of peanut butter, the tartness of pineapple and the crispness of bacon all peak in the best balance and take your taste buds to a different level of taste pleasure. Even though pineapple is a rare sight at the Rat Factory, a peanut butter burger with any available protein will always be a combination you just can’t miss.

3. Seared Chicken Breast with Butternut Squash Mash

The purpose of this dish is to more or less organize a gastronomic experience at Ratty. Place the chicken breast on a layer of butternut squash. Perhaps have your friend dress in black tie attire and serve it to your right side while elegantly presenting this dish in French for an authentic fine dining experience.

4. Thai style sauce

Is the chicken dry again? This sauce could be a game changer. Mix some soy sauce (you may need to get it from the Ivy room), peanut butter and sriracha to bring that Thai flavor when the line for Heng Thai gets too long.

5. Dessert Sandwich

Don’t let the panini maker go to waste! Create your own dessert sandwich with whatever you like. My favorite is a good banana peanut butter panini with a dollop of soft serve ice cream on the side. The power of this bite of crusty bread and oozing topping will temporarily banish any anxiety caused by pressing deadlines and exams. Be careful not to get addicted!

6. Golden Toast

Tired of the same old peanut butter + jelly combo? Try the butter + sugar from the coffee station! With the soft texture of butter dusted with granulated sugar and the warm, crispy toast, every bite will be a rediscovery of familiar flavors.

7. The Double Circle Bagel

Another exploration of texture collision! Make your cream cheese bagel the usual way, then sprinkle some adorable Cheerios on top. The satisfying extra crunch will solve your “bagel or cereal” breakfast dilemma once and for all.

8. Almighty Ice Cream — Two Ways

a. ice float

This dessert is pretty self-explanatory. The trick is to make sure you fill the entire cup with ice before you put the soda and ice cream in it. This prevents the ice cream from sinking to the bottom and gives you the authentic ice cream truck experience.

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b. Ice cream crumble with a drizzle of olive oil

This is how they proceed in niche restaurants furnished in a minimalist and industrial style. Cover the bowl or plate with a thin layer of cereal of your choice, then top with a finely swirled soft serve ice cream, and finish with a drizzle of olive oil. The light hint of olive oil will bring out the unexpected refreshing side of the ice cream and make you want to scrape the plate.

Enjoy your meal!

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