New vegan grocery store brings hard-to-find options to your doorstep



In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the black-owned grocery store NoPigNeva was commissioned this year to bring hard-to-find vegan groceries to consumers across the country. The Boston-based company aims to encourage consumers to buy plant-based products, making vegan foods more accessible to everyone. Founders Stephnia Bernard and David Hue realized that vegan products can be hard to come by in parts of the United States and felt motivated to change this availability.

“The inspiration for NoPigNega came from the frustration with the limited vegan options at my local grocery store,” Bernard told VegNews. The pandemic really made it obvious that vegan options weren’t a priority for big boys [grocery chains], so I decided to create a place where delicious and vegan food is the priority. Some of my favorite vegan foods come from small vegan businesses that, for some reason, aren’t sold by all the giant chains. I want to showcase these brands, not only because they are delicious, but also to support small businesses.

Bernard started this business following his decision to switch to a plant-based diet five years ago. She first abandoned meat and animal products after discovering the depth of animal cruelty in factory farming and animal agriculture. Along with Bernard, Hue decided to change his diet for health reasons. The company was then founded to spread the broad benefits of a plant-based diet, emphasizing everything from nutrition to sustainability.

“Whether the reason is due to health restrictions, morals, dietary needs or personal choice, it is ultimately just a way of life,” says NoPigNeva’s mission statement. “We aim to defuse stereotypes associated with a plant-based lifestyle by providing products that make it easy for people to enjoy delicious vegan meals. “

The online store offers a wide selection of diverse products from large and small businesses scattered across the United States. The detail that separates this online grocery store is that it brings these vegan products to consumers across the country, allowing people who live in areas where vegan options are generally minimal to purchase these herbal products. The store has products from Miyoko’s Creamer, Impossible Burgers, Vegan Lobster from May Wah, Abe’s Muffins and more.

The website also has a blog that helps consumers purchase specific vegan recipes. The blog highlights the potential of plant-based diets, giving shoppers the inspiration for any meal of the day without using or buying animal products. The online grocery store hopes to promote the plant-based lifestyle by showing how delicious plant-based foods can be.

The online grocery store will also offer two membership programs for shoppers. The first is the $ 9.99 Monthly Explorer which will give shippers a 10% discount on groceries, and the second is the $ 99.99 Annual Membership which gives shoppers a $ 20 discount. compared to the month. The Blockbuster membership also offers a 10% discount on all orders, exclusive offers and updates, and a tote bag. No matter where in the United States, consumers will be able to reap the benefits of the Boston-based store and grow their plant-based diets.


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