Narayanganj factory fire: 49 complaints filed against the owner of the Hashem group


Forty-nine complaints have been filed against the owner of the Hashem Foods and Beverage plant for the deaths of 51 people in the massive fire at the Narayanganj plant on July 8 this year.

The complaints were lodged against Abul Hashem by Nesar Uddin, Inspector of the Factory and Establishment Inspection Department (DIFE) to the Dhaka (Third) Labor Court on behalf of the family members of the victims.

Soumen Barua, deputy inspector general of DIFE, Narayanganj, told the Daily Star that an official in his department had filed cases in phases to seek compensation for the victims, with the latest case being filed a few days ago.

“According to the labor law, if a worker dies in factories, the compensation of the victims must be paid through the labor court. The cases were part of the realization of the compensation,” he said. he declares.

Nesar Uddin, a litigator in the cases, told the Daily Star that 51 workers died when the fire broke out at the Hashem Foods factory.

They submitted files for 49 victims each. The other two files will be closed after confirmation of the identity of the victims.

“According to the labor law, in the event of death, each worker is entitled to 2 lakh Tk in compensation while in the event of injury, a worker will obtain from the owner an amount corresponding to the extent of his injury. owner does not assume any responsibility, the worker will file a complaint with the court with the necessary medical papers. Then the court will take the necessary measures for it, “he said.

A huge fire broke out on July 8 at the Hashem Foods and Beverage factory in Rupganj in Narayanganj, killing 51 people. The next day, Nazim Uddin, deputy inspector of the Rupganj police station, filed a worker safety negligence complaint, which prompted the police to arrest eight, including Abul Hashem and his four sons.

They were later released on bail.

The case was eventually referred to the CID for investigation.

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