Nadia Bartel on Her Henne & *That* Controversy Clothing Line

Source: @nadiabartel

A former employee of Marie Claire – whom Nadia recounts fondly – ​​Bartel first burst onto the scene as a model before establishing herself as a success on social networks.

“I had to make this decision to leave [marie claire Australia] because I started using my Instagram, but Instagram was just getting started there,” says Bartel.

“I was getting a few offers from different brands and it was very ad hoc. But it was amazing to see. But then I got more and more work and I kind of had to make the decision to leave. But I didn’t want to leave either.

Fast forward a few years (and controversies), Bartel is now the proud co-owner of Melbourne-based conscious brand Henne.

Following the brand’s debut at Australian Fashion Week this year, Nadia, her sister Michelle Ring and Laura Broque are moving into physical retail.

The trio recently opened a Scandi-style boutique on Rue Greville de Prahan, nearly three years to the day after soft-launching the elevated essentials label on their now-defunct e-commerce site The Connection.


Courtesy of Henne

Nadia recalls that growing up she “wasn’t very pretty in what I wore”, but always loved fashion, watching her sew and hand crochet knit – almost coincidental given her the fame of Henne for its knitted pieces. .

“When we launched The Connection, we always really wanted to launch the brand [Henne] of the time,” she said.

“We achieved what we wanted Henne to be, which was really great, because we saw so many different brands coming in and so many products and overload of everything and we just felt like we wanted to bring it back to the essential.

“We’re like ‘would it be cool to create a brand based on basics only?’, not wardrobe trends. You know, these are pieces that have a long life in your wardrobe. dress and pieces that we would wear to work, to dinner and on weekends.

And although it took six years, that’s exactly what they did. Henne, which translates to ‘she’ in Swedish, is a premium essentials brand made with eco-friendly fabric for the contemporary woman.

We had the pleasure of seeing the brand come to life on their runway during fashion week, where various models of various shapes and sizes assembled between the plush Shell House bar in vegan leather trench coats, dresses in iconic loose knits, slightly fitted suits and tops shine fabrications that would make Victoria Beckham weak in the knees.


Courtesy of Henne

With the launch of her new aesthetic boutique, Nadia gives the Henne woman a permanent home. A place of rest and relaxation, gluttony and opulence all nestled on two terraces.

“We always had this goal that we wanted to launch our own store, instead of going to different retailers and different partners, because we just wanted the experience to feel like Henne, like I want customers to come into the store, and really feel like what we do,” she adds.

“Not your typical kind of retail store.

“You know how the stores are very beautiful, whitewashed or industrial, like that’s really our vibe, and we wanted it to feel like a home. It’s a very small space, but that’s exactly what we wanted… a really intimate space that people feel very comfortable in.

Across two storefronts – one for the brand’s commercial presence, the other for events and one-on-one client styling sessions that Bartel hopes to launch soon – you’ll find the brand’s quintessential ribbed fabrications mixed with intriguing architectural surprises.

“It’s a pretty special space, we have this absorbent material on the walls, a surprise blue staircase and a nice minimal feel.”

And with Nadia’s fashionable and well-connected friends in the style scene, you’d think she’d have plenty of advice on creating her own fashion label to survive Melbourne’s cutthroat industry.

But Nadia tells us that the best advice she’s received comes from her own experience, which is more relevant now from her recent run-ins with the tabloids.

“Everything happens for a reason, I think it’s kind of given me a way to always look forward and know that it will pass…everything happens for a reason and maybe won’t see itself happening yet. present, but that will follow,” Bartel said. we.

“There are times when you try to block out the noise of everyone and all the different opinions about you. But obviously in my house there are a lot of opinions.

“There’s a lot of things being said that aren’t true and sometimes I wanted to go out there and clear things up. And, you know, tell everybody what really happened and what’s the truth, but you can’t, because in the end, you’re not going to please everyone, because people have those opinions about you.

Sure, Nadia’s cause celebre may have gotten her in hot water, but that’s no longer what defines her. As she has proven, her next chapter is the most stylish yet.

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