Mary Kate and Ashley Olsens’ The Row children’s clothing line is chic and expensive



In 2006, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen launched The Row, their upscale fashion line full of gorgeous minimalist pieces for adults. Now it’s not just for adults anymore as The Row children’s clothing line has been discontinued and is full of colorful, soft and quality pieces. Seriously, kids who wear these clothes have probably never been dressed so well. and comfortable at the same time, but it comes at a price.

The Row children’s clothing collection consists of five styles, including a crew neck sweater, belted cardigan, lounge pants, warm beanie and a pair of slip-on moccasins. Each of the pieces is available in toddler and children’s sizes and in several solid colors, such as burnt orange, fuchsia, forest green, gray, blue and black (which is only available in in store), which have been carefully designed to coordinate with each other. In addition, each style has a genderless design and is made from luxury fabrics like cashmere and velvet.

These clothes may seem like an adult’s dream, but they were actually created from the feedback of little children. Mary-Kate told W Magazine that the preschoolers they consulted for The Row’s children’s clothing line “were very vocal and had opinions about what they liked and didn’t like.” and that she and the rest of the design team “loved to listen to their minds. You can be sure that the fabrics are also soft, because do you think a group of preschoolers have agreed to wear itchy woolen sweaters? Definitely not.

The wrong side? The collection is very expensive, especially for children’s clothing, and can be difficult to rationalize. Prices range from $ 290 for the beanie to $ 650 for the belted cardigan, so it’s not for the faint of heart (or any parent on a budget, really) and, as wonderful as the fabrics are, they are. are not exactly suitable for children. Shoes are certainly best for special occasions, not for running outside, and cashmere pieces, while very stylish, will need to be cleaned by a professional.

That said, the comfy pieces are beautifully crafted and available just as temperatures drop in many parts of the world. And if you – or your child – is obsessed with fashion, you might just have found the perfect item for your child to order (and save) for the holidays.

You can view and purchase the entire children’s collection on The Row’s website.


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