Lidl launches another fashionable clothing line including hoodies and leggings in Irish stores

After their first sold-out success, Lidl announced even more clothing products.

The German supermarket chain has confirmed that a new collection is “back by popular demand” and will arrive in middle aisles in Ireland very soon.

The joggers, leggings, plus socks and hoodies will go on sale starting Monday, February 28, and you can expect them to be bought up given their great prices.

The team says the bottoms will be priced at just €9.99 while the leggings are set at €5.99 and the hoodies/sweaters will be €10.99.

A company spokesperson also said the socks will also be making a return, although shoppers may be disappointed to learn that the highly sought-after sneakers don’t appear to be on sale this time around.

They said: “Lidl’s own-label clothing range is coming to a mid-aisle near you from next week. From Monday 28 and February, the best-selling fashion collection with sports socks from the Lidl brand, as well as Lidl leggings, jogging pants and sweaters in the brand colors and adorned with the famous logo.

“The eye-catching collection, which has already sold out, will be available in stores across the country, while supplies last, so be sure to hit stores before they sell out.”

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