Let go ! Why it’s time to get rid of the chains of athleisure | Fashion

MThe trendy New Year’s resolution is to let go. Stop trying to be someone I’m not. So I’m going to stop wearing things that make me feel bad about myself. From today, it’s goodbye to clothes bought on their promise that they would turn me into a shinier, sleeker, and optimized version of myself. It’s time to breathe a sigh of relief and start wearing what I feel comfortable in again.

I therefore break with athleisure. I get rid of the strings of the compression leggings. Burn the long racerback sports bra with its trendy charcoal and terracotta color scheme. Break free from breathable mesh tank tops with stimulating slogans in the Yale University adjacent font to the front. Unzip the cropped hoodie and unlace my sneakers.

Athleisure is supposed to be comfortable, but as a sophisticated urban uniform it started to look a lot like peer pressure. High heels deservedly get bad press for emphasizing physical sexuality, exaggerating the swing of the hips, emphasizing the breasts and buttocks. But athleisure also puts your body first in who you are – and not just because leggings and crop tops showcase your musculature and body fat percentage. Athleisure doesn’t have to be tight to show off your appearance. Even though it is a tracksuit, modern and coordinated training equipment tells the world that exercise and fitness are of the utmost importance to you, that your body’s fitness is a value. fundamental. Athleisure is a powerful dressing for narcissists.

It is absolutely not a question of giving up the exercise, moreover. That’s not the point, and for me it’s not an option anyway, because like a lot of people, I start to lose the plot if I go more than a few days without running or classes. But that doesn’t mean I have to parade the kit all day.

Exercise is great, but we don’t need to force each other on our workout routines, do we? I mean, I cook dinner most nights but I’m not going to work with my apron on. So I intend to adopt old fashioned sportswear. The clothes we used to wear to train before the advent of yoga clothes and running tops for the public, accompanied by matching scrunchies. To be clear, I’m not planning on burning sports bras, or anything. But I still have a drawer full of promotional T-shirts whose provenance has been lost in the mists of time, and track bottoms whose best days are from a pre-selfie world, and I’m starting to wear them again. .

It wasn’t too long ago that wearing flats to a cocktail party was a bold and courageous wardrobe choice. Comfortable shoes are the norm these days and no one wears high heels unless they want to that night. So it’s now that in a queue for an oatmeal latte and sourdough bread on a Saturday morning, the brightest and liveliest people will be in athleisure, and wearing jeans feels a bit beta. .

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If sophisticated athleticism could be a little less visible all around us, it could help us defuse a situation where body image is taking up too much headroom. Like, I like going to Pilates, but I don’t think that’s the meaning of life, you know? Lycra gives a lot of stretch, but the mindset of wearing sportswear doesn’t give you a lot of slack.

Athleisure is the 21st century whale corset. I’m leaving to slip into something more comfortable.

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