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Harry ‘attacked the media because he feared Meghan was coming out’

When Prince Harry released his furious statement attacking the media in 2016 for their treatment of then-girlfriend Meghan Markle, shortly after their relationship became public knowledge, some newspapers hit back at him for overstating his case. .

For more than five years, the real reason for the November 2016 statement has never been fully explained.

Now it has been claimed that Harry demanded that his office issue a statement condemning the excesses of the media while crucially confirming that Meghan was his girlfriend because he was afraid she would break up with him and that he panicked.

After the Sunday Express reported in late October 2016 that Meghan was Harry’s new girlfriend, she was subjected to an extraordinary level of media attention at her home in Toronto.

The statement, written by Jason Knauf, Harry’s communications secretary, said Meghan had been “subjected to a wave of abuse and harassment”. He also condemned “the racial undertones of the comments” and “the outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments”.

A source said: “It felt like the palace couldn’t stand up and support its girlfriend, against some of that disgusting blanket… so who in their right mind would ever consider walking into a relationship [with him] in the future? He was very concerned about some of this coverage. He definitely felt that if nothing was done to support her, then she would be, ‘I’m not sure this is what I signed up for.’ ‘.”

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