Lakers: Los Angeles columnist slams practice candidates; Urges the team to hire Doc Rivers – All Lakers

The Lakers brand was built by bringing in big names, whether it was a marquee player or a revered head coach. So when the report came last week that the Lakers had chosen Darvin Ham, Terry Stotts and Kenny Atkinson as finalists, many Lakers fans simply rolled their eyes at a title name, like Quin Snyder or Doc Rivers. , was not on the list.

Bill Plaschke is among the masses who doubt any of the three candidates can transform the Lakers next season. The LA Times columnist took a shot at the finalists and Russell Westbrook in a recent article.

“The news fell flatter than a Russell Westbrook jump shot. The options quickly lost all air, the shrunken remains floating harmlessly in the cluttered mess that is the Lakers’ summer landscape. Seriously? That’s all that what do you have? It’s considered a soft coaching market, and the Lakers are considered a hard sell, but still…that’s it?”

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He referred to Stotts’ lackluster playoff record at Portland, Atkinson leading four “miserable” seasons in Brooklyn and Ham’s complete lack of head coaching experience. Plaschke then pivoted to trumpet Rivers as the perfect man for the job.

“They’re not cut out to win a championship, not while the aging James is paired with the fragile Davis, so they need a coach who can just keep this tumultuous group calm, competitive and relevant until the start of the next season. time.”

The writer cited Rivers winning a championship in Boston with “free-spirited veteran superstars” and his handling of Donald Sterling drama as proof that Doc has what it takes to succeed with the LeBron-led Lakers.

As Plaschke notes, Rivers is under a three-year contract with Philadelphia, and team president Daryl Morey has publicly supported Rivers. With that in mind, the columnist felt the Lakers should stick with their picks and send the Sixers a bag of cash in exchange for Rivers.

“If Rivers wasn’t already under contract, I guess he would be the coach of the Lakers now. He still can be. The Lakers are known for doing amazing things to make seemingly unattainable acquisitions. This one would be worth it.”

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