Johnson Outdoors: Industry Leader in Ocean Conservation

For nearly 60 years, SCUBAPRO has been committed to protecting the world’s oceans and we’re proud to be part of the Johnson Outdoors family of eco-conscious brands. Marine conservation is both a mission and a passion for the SCUBAPRO team, and we are taking giant steps to ensure that our blue planet is there for future generations of divers to enjoy.

From environmentally friendly products, materials and manufacturing techniques to the sponsorship of Conservation efforts many organizations and our global SCUBAPRO dive team, no dive company does more to protect the environments we all love to explore.

Sustainable products

Sustainability is a priority for the global SCUBAPRO team, and through our responsible packaging program, we are actively eliminating plastic packaging using creative and innovative alternatives.

While we are still working towards our goal of zero plastic packaging, we have made great strides in reducing our use of plastic.

  • The masks are packed either in recycled cardboard boxes or in protective boxes which can also be used for the transport and storage of accessories.

  • The boots are shipped in fabric bags, which can be reused for transport and storage, or as a laundry or shoe bag.

  • Neoprene headbands and mask straps are attached to recycled key cards.

  • Regulator service kits are shipped in a plastic-free carton.

  • Controllers, computers and instruments are shipped in recycled cartons.

  • The majority of our fins are shipped in recycled cardboard boxes or mesh bags which can be reused for transport and storage or as an ocean cleanup bag to pick up litter while diving.

  • Gloves are shipped on recycled cardboard key cards.

  • Other accessories are already shipped on recycled key cards. Eliminating plastic and reducing packaging overall is the goal of our responsible packaging program. Innovative packaging solutions for other products will be implemented soon.

Environmentally friendly products

In 2012, SCUBAPRO was the first to introduce X-Foam neoprene in an ongoing effort to reduce pollutants and harmful emissions. From 2016 we introduced solvent-free glue to our Everflex suits, and two years later all possible neoprene items were also assembled using this material. At the same time, we were the first to use Naturalprene (neoprene made from plants instead of limestone or petroleum) in the Everflex 3mm No Zip Steamer.

“In some rashguards, many parts of the neoprene suits and bags are already made from recycled materials. The development and use of recycled materials is progressing and we know that research and testing is ongoing at all levels “, says SCUBAPRO EU Product Manager Associate Nastassja Hoffmann, part of the team leading the charge on sustainable practices.

Today, all SCUBAPRO drysuits, wetsuits, shortys, hoods and gloves made of neoprene with a thickness greater than 1.5 mm
feature a solvent-free glue to better protect divers and the environment. Indeed, the production of each
and each SCUBAPRO suit reduces up to 2,049 kilograms of CO2.

Global efforts

SCUBAPRO’s Italian factory, where all SCUBAPRO regulators are manufactured, derives some of its electricity from a solar photovoltaic plant, and its waste is recycled through an intensive recycling and recovery program. The solar power plant has been in operation since 2002 and contributes an average of 25% of the plant’s electricity needs.

Outside of our own production practices, SCUBAPRO actively supports like-minded conservation organizations and a team of global divers who are actively fighting to protect our oceans. From advocating for government protection of marine environments and endangered species, to organizing local beach cleanups and raising awareness, SCUBAPRO’s Global Dive Team and Deep Elite Ambassadors have made an incredible impact around the world. .

Reversing the damage that has plagued our oceans won’t happen overnight, but with the support of Johnson Outdoors and its family of conservation-focused brands, we’re confident our blue planet will be there to inspire new divers to generations to come. To learn more about the sustainability practices in which the other brands in the Johnson Outdoors family participate, visit Outdoor Adventure Blog. To learn more about SCUBAPRO Cares, visit

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