Johnny Depp’s Surprising Connection to Rihanna’s Fashion Line, Explained

Credit: Noam Galai/Jesse Grant (Getty Images)

Following reports that Johnny Depp would make an appearance at Rihanna’s upcoming fashion show, it raises the question of what business relationship Depp and Rihanna might already have in place.

Depp’s upcoming appearance at Amazon Prime Video’s fourth annual Savage x Fenty lingerie show was reported by People, although it has not yet been officially announced by the fashion house itself. Depp won’t be walking the runway as a model himself, but instead making an appearance as part of the show’s many celebrity cameo moments. The report went on to say that Rihanna and her team specifically “invited” Depp to be a part of the event. But is there a deeper business relationship that Rihanna and Depp share?

It turns out the answer is an unequivocal yes. As Complex explained, luxury conglomerate LVMH owns Rihanna’s beauty lines, Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin. They also owned the now-defunct Fenty fashion line, but continue to oversee Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty lingerie line. Who else is an LVMH employee and makes them a lot of money? None other than Depp.

Depp is the spokesperson for Dior’s Sauvage, the world’s best-selling fragrance which is also owned by LVMH. Despite some serious allegations Depp faced regarding domestic violence during a recent high-profile defamation lawsuit with his ex-wife Amber Heard, Dior has continued to support the actor. Meanwhile, sales at LVMH’s perfume and cosmetics division continued to soar, as Business of Fashion reported.

Now that we know that Rihanna and Depp essentially work for the same company, does that make Depp’s appearance in Savage x Fenty more of a co-worker staff meeting than an actual celebrity cameo? It will be up to each viewer to decide.

Depp and Heard have been in the headlines a lot lately due to jaw-dropping details of their tumultuous relationship that have become public over the course of several lawsuits. The most recent Depp vs Heard trial of dueling libel lawsuits earlier this year saw a jury verdict that heavily favored Depp and sided with his claim that Heard defamed by allegations of domestic violence that were not true. However, in a previous trial in 2020 in the UK – in which Depp unsuccessfully sued the newspaper The sun — a judge determined that 12 of the 14 alleged assault incidents were credible, The Guardian reported.

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