iPhone factory workers flee Zhengzhou after China reimposes strict COVID lockdown standards

While the majority of the world has lifted strict COVID lockdown standards, China has stuck to its strict zero COVID policy. In a zero covid policy, China is said to have reimposed its strict COVID lockdown standards in several cities and as a result iPhone factory workers in Zhengzhou were seen fleeing the city. China’s Zero COVID policy is nothing but a strategy that aims to reduce and eventually eliminate the number of COVID-19 cases by imposing extremely strict lockdowns and crippling travel bans. According to reports, Chinese policy includes reducing coronavirus cases by using harsh blunt weapon techniques, regardless of the pain and disruption they cause.

Today, several videos have gone viral on social media showing iPhone factory workers fleeing Zhengzhou. In fact, many were also seen walking to another town where there might not have been any lockdowns or let’s say strict measures imposed.

This is what netizens are saying about workers at the Zhengzhou iPhone factory

Sharing a video, one user wrote, “CHINA – Army moves into Chinese iPhone factory to tighten lockdown.”

Another user wrote, “CHINA, iPhone Factory – Authority running the body bag of a worker, who died of starvation, from his dormitory.”

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“Apple’s iPhone factory run by Foxconn in Zhengzhou, has been battling an outbreak of COVID-19 and placed on lockdown. In this video uploaded to WeChat with a hashtag ‘The Great Escape in Real Life’ , workers are escaping from the Foxconn campus and trying to get home,” another user wrote.

Zhengzhou iPhone Factory

Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory in Henan province is China’s largest factory assembling products for Apple, including the latest iPhone 14.

Zhengzhou is also known as the city of the iPhone, due to the Foxconn factory that manufactures Apple iPhones. According to reports, workers at the iPhone factory decided to leave after reports emerged that the Foxconn administration had quarantined a number of workers after a Covid-19 outbreak at the factory. The company also reported imposing a “closed-loop” system under which worker travel was limited to their residence and the factory.

Many videos are circulating on social media and US media have reported that Foxconn workers have complained about poor food quality and lack of medical care for those who have tested positive for Covid-19. Workers also grew increasingly concerned that the infection was spreading. Notably, the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou is a massive facility that can house 3,50,000 workers. According to reports, the factory had around 2,00,000 workers when the new lockdown was announced. At this time, it is unknown how many of them are infected, how many have left, and how many remain on the site.

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