IN CASE YOU MISSED IT – This week’s Reuters feature calendar

April 21 – Each week, Reuters journalists produce dozens of multimedia reports and human interest stories from around the world.

Below are some stories from this week selected by our editors, along with explanatory context and background to help you understand the world’s headlines. For a full news and events calendar, please see our editorial calendar on Reuters Connect

Japanese researchers develop electric chopsticks to improve salty taste

TOKYO – Japanese researchers have developed computerized chopsticks that improve salty tastes, potentially helping those who need to reduce sodium in their diets. (JAPAN-CHOPSTICKS/ (PIX, TV), 264 words)

Surprised astronomers discover a new type of star explosion – a micronova

WASHINGTON — Astronomers have detected a previously unknown type of stellar explosion called a micronova involving thermonuclear explosions in the polar regions of a type of scorched star called a white dwarf after siphoning material from a companion star. (SPACE-EXPLORATION/MICRONOVA (PIX), 638 words)

Europa’s similarity to Greenland hints that Jupiter’s moon may harbor life

WASHINGTON — The uncanny resemblance between features on the frozen surface of Europa and a landform in Greenland that sits atop a major pocket of water provides intriguing new indications that this moon of Jupiter may be capable of harboring the life. (SPACE EXPLORATION/EUROPA (PIX), 630 words)

Soaring battery costs fail to cool EV sales

Shoppers around the world are lining up to buy electric vehicles this year, even with soaring sticker prices, reversing the scenario of a decade and a half of conventional auto industry wisdom that electric vehicle sales are n would erupt only after battery costs fell below a threshold that was always just on the horizon. (AUTO-ELECTRIC VEHICLES/BATTERY-PRICE (ANALYSIS, PIX), 790 words)

US bar associations distribute free fentanyl tests

OAKLAND, Calif. – Walking into the Good Hop craft beer bar in Oakland, Calif., Alison Heller looks like any other thirsty happy hour customer. But instead of heading to the bar, she goes straight to the bathroom, opens her backpack and takes out a plastic bag with fentanyl test strips. She puts 25 strips in a jar for everyone to take for free. (HEALTH-FENTANYL/ (PIX, TV), 663 words)

Ramadan street parties in Cairo return after coronavirus suspension

CAIRO – Communal meals in which hundreds of people gather around long tables to break their fast during the holy month of Ramadan have returned to the streets of Egypt after being largely suspended for the past two years due to restrictions related to COVID-19. (RELIGION-RAMADAN/EGYPT-BANQUETS (TV, PIX), 208 words)

Bad Bunny sees double with two wax figures at Madame Tussauds

NEW YORK — Latin music star Bad Bunny has come face to face as Madame Tussauds New York unveiled two new wax figures in his honor. (MUSIC-BAD BUNNY/WAX FIGURE (TV, PIX), 172 words)

Australian scientists will propel Tesla on a 15,000km journey with printed solar panels

GOSFORTH, Australia – Australian scientists are testing printed solar panels they will use to power a Tesla on a 15,100 km (9,400 mile) journey starting in September, which they hope will inspire the public to think measures to be taken to avoid climate change. (EARTH-DAY/AUSTRALIA-SOLAR (PIX, TV), 355 words)

Congolese nun overcomes power cuts with homemade hydroelectric plant

MITI, Democratic Republic of the Congo – Sister Alphonsine Ciza spends most of her day in rubber boots, a white veil hidden under a builder’s hat, running the micro-hydroelectric plant she built to weather power cuts daily electricity in his town of Miti, in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. (CONGO-POWER/NUN (TV, PIX), 363 words)

California’s Cannabis Megafactory Considers Federal Weed Legalization

The company behind a mega-factory of cannabis in California hopes that federal legalization of the substance will allow it to expand the distribution of joints, oils and edibles beyond state lines most populous American. (USA-MARIJUANA/FACTORY (TV, PIX), 400 words)


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(Compiled by Mark Porter and Patrick Enright)

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