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This article was originally published in 2019. We are re-running it in anticipation of I think you should go with Tim RobinsonThe second season of, which will begin on Tuesday, July 6. Check back in the days following the premiere for an updated leaderboard that includes the skits from season two.

Tim Robinson and Zach Kanin Netflix Sketch Series I think you should go turned out to be one of the dormant TV hits of 2019, its 15-hour bursts of mouthfuls and social situations gone awry, slyly monopolizing cultural conversation, like an eccentric cunning including great car ideas gradually gain the support and respect of their fellow focus group participants. Appropriate for a show that relies on so much argument, it has provoked much discussion and disagreement over which of his sketches is the best, the funniest, the most unpredictable. Therefore, The AV Club wondered: who will be the I think you should go sketch of the year? One of the series’ many conceptual musings? A heartbreaking reunion with the former creator Detroiters and Saturday Night Live collaborators? Something where Robinson digs in his heels to shockingly disastrous effect? (Considering the content of the show, the odds are pretty good on the latter.) However, your conclusions match ours, try to keep yourself from soaring into a helpless rage that ultimately causes discomfort for yourself, your children. friends, relatives, customers of a high-end clothing chain, Jeff Chris from Indiana and / or Bart Harley Jarvis.

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