How Russia is mobilizing its industry for a protracted war in Ukraine / Shoigu personally visited the Uralvakhonzavod tank factory

Russia appears to be trying to mobilize industry to support a protracted war effort in Ukraine, according to the Institute for War Studies. (ISW) under evaluation Exit from Friday to Saturday evening.

Uralvagonzavod Tank Plant in RussiaPhoto: Wikimedia Commons

Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Military Intelligence (GUR) said Moscow launched an “industrial mobilization” of defense companies in early August, preventing some employees and the entire management of Russian industrial company Rostec from taking time off.

GUR added that the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation, headed by Vladimir Putin, is preparing to revise the program of state orders for defense in order to increase spending by 600-700 billion rubles ( around $10 billion) in early September.

The mobilization of Russian industry began at the end of June

Russian publication Ura also reported that Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu may have visited the Uralvagonzavod factory, Russia’s largest tank manufacturer and producer of T-72 main battle tanks, on August 12. .

GUR previously said Uralvakhonzavod was facing financial problems due to Western sanctions and failure to meet contractual obligations with the Russian government.

If true, the visit to Shoigu is an attempt to revive or expand the activity of the Kremlin’s military-industrial complex.

The ISW had previously reported that the Kremlin had carried out a false mobilization of the Russian economy, and on June 30, the Russian State Duma proposed to the Duma an amendment to federal laws on supply-related issues. of the Russian armed forces.

The amendment obliges Russian companies, regardless of ownership, to comply with Russian military orders and allows Kremlin employees to modify their working conditions.

Putin signed the amendment on July 14, indicating that Russia would introduce more measures to expand the Kremlin’s direct control over the operations of Russia’s military-industrial complex.

Main results of the ISW:

Russian forces launched ground attacks east of Sivarsk and northeast and southeast of Bahmut.

Russian forces launched ground attacks southwest and northwest of the city of Donetsk.

Ukrainian forces destroyed the last operational bridge used by Russian forces to transport military equipment near the Khakovka hydroelectric power station.

Ukrainian officials confirmed additional Ukrainian strikes on Russian ammunition depots and a logistics point in the Kherson region.

Russian regional authorities may misrepresent the completion percentage of newly formed volunteer battalions.

Ukrainian supporters target Russian occupation officials and Ukrainian collaborators, plotting fake referendums on joining the Russian Federation.

Ukrainian War Map:


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