How a Small Change in Hostess Packaging Will Make a Big Impact

While the removal of a simple tie might seem like a minor change, Hostess’ annual corporate responsibility report says otherwise. In 2021, the company did a serious evaluation of its packaging and found that the tinplate fasteners on Donettes bags were actually a major contributor to the company’s carbon footprint. By simply eliminating the tin ties, Hostess calculated it could save 215,000 pounds of steel, 151,000 pounds of plastic, and 700 pounds of glue. According to the report, this reduces climate change by around 600,000 kg of CO2 equivalent.

The redesigned Donettes bag isn’t the only change Hostess plans to make to its packaging. In the corporate responsibility report, the company also pledged “to purchase more materials made from recycled content; develop alternative packaging methods that reduce non-recyclable materials and reduce the need packaging without reducing the quality of our products”. The company has already adapted 100% recyclable folding boxes and 100% recyclable paperboard, making approximately 80% of product packaging sold to consumers recyclable. By 2023, Hostess plans to have its first fully sustainable facility operational.

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