Here’s a look at Kamaal Haasan’s first fashion brand


Costume designer Amritha Ram explains what went into the silhouettes of KH House of Khaddar

Fashion is civil, but disobedient. This is the slogan of actor Kamal Haasan’s new label, KH House of Khaddar, which will launch on November 15.

“Sir [Kamal] created this line in 30 seconds, as he prepared for the shoot of the brand’s fashion film which will go live on launch day, ”says costume designer Amritha Ram who joined Kamal’s latest venture as as designer. The label, as the name suggests, only works with khadi.

Here's a look at Kamaal Haasan's first fashion brand

Amritha has been associated with the iconic actor for four years now, creating looks for his promotions from Vishwaroopam 2, Grand Tamil Patron and his next film indian 2.

While filming the final season of Great leader, she was stuck in Hyderabad and decided to take a little tour to see what the weavers in the area were working on. In Chittoor, she came across a white cloth that she immediately fell in love with. She then dyed it in ombre and showed it to Kamal who loved it too. When informed that the fabric was khadi, he suggested making a few more outfits out of it. The actor had a long association with khadi because his father, a lawyer, only wore this fabric in court.

The first collection will be launched in Chicago (where Kamal will also launch a new fragrance: KH Memoir). Title Nunool, meaning the right thread, it is also a message to turn to a sustainable ecosystem.

Here's a look at Kamaal Haasan's first fashion brand

The fall-winter collection includes skirts, short dresses, trench coats and pants for women; and short jackets, double breasted jackets, short and long trench coats for men. “It’s a fall palate complete with hues such as root beer brown, salmon pink, teal, mustard, charcoal gray,” Amritha explains, adding that they wanted a Western version of this fabric. typically Indian, which they made with the cuts and patterns. “We don’t do Indian designs or cuts for the first three collections,” she says.

Sometimes synonymous with boring clothes, KH House of Khaddar aims to get rid of those myths associated with khadi. “It’s a versatile fabric that can be changed in any way. It can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, ”says Amritha.

The KH House of Khaddar team is happy that their business benefits the weavers. Currently working with a few clusters in Chittoor, Kanchipuram and Tirupur, Amritha is looking for independent clusters to work with in the near future. “The first vision is to have weavers under our roof and create different variations in the weaving over the next six to eight months,” she says. While Amritha has a free hand in the creation process, Kamal gives her opinion. “He likes to keep the design simple so the sons can talk for themselves. Nothing excessive. “

The collections will be available online at, which will be available soon.

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