Gurugram: Motorbike stolen from roadside near Sector 7, hunt for suspects

A 28-year-old man’s motorbike was stolen from the side of the road by a group of unidentified people while he was on his way to Nature’s Call near Sector 7 at IMT Manesar, the police reported on Saturday. police.

An FIR was registered against unidentified suspects under Section 379 (Punishment for theft) of the CPI at IMT Manesar Police Station on Friday evening based on a complaint filed by the victim, Jumma Khan, a resident of Kasan village in Manesar.

Police say Khan, who works as a factory truck driver, borrowed the vehicle from a friend of his who bought it just two months ago.

Police said the incident happened on the night of February 3 when Khan was returning from Bhangrola to Kasan after dropping off a colleague. Hastily, Khan left the keys to his motorbike behind and the suspects took advantage of the situation and fled with the vehicle.

“When I didn’t find the motorbike where I had parked it, I first assumed that someone was playing a prank. I rushed to the police station immediately to file a complaint. The police also suspected a prank and asked me to look for the bike first before registering an FIR,” Khan said.

“I’m under huge pressure because my friend is somehow asking to arrange a motorbike for him,” he added.

Chief Constable Vikram Singh, who is investigating the case, said Khan’s friend and colleague was interviewed before registering an FIR to ensure it was not a prank.

According to the police, an average of 14 to 15 vehicles, including motorbikes and cars, are stolen every day in Gurugram. Gurugram Police, PRO Subhash Boken said an investigation was underway to track down the suspects who stole the bike.

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