Greening the Board Game Industry with Big Potato Games


Board games can be a fun reason for everyone to get together, but they can also be resource-intensive to create. Big Potato takes a sustainable approach to making playing time a little greener.

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You may have seen Big Potato games before. The company is responsible for titles such as Herd Mentality, Mean Girls the Party Game, and The Chameleon. These games are available at major retailers in the United States, including Target. Big Potato draws ideas from everywhere for its games. People from game designers to everyday gamers submitted ideas for games.

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While focusing on games that are easy to play and understand, Big Potato takes a sustainable approach to improving the planet with every game it creates. The company works with the Eden Reforestation Project and Ecologi to plant a tree for each game sold. It is their “one game, one tree” commitment. Thanks to this initiative, Big Potato is planting mangroves in Madagascar and working on reforestation in Mozambique and Kenya. Almost 900 trees have already been planted.

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But wait, there is more. Big Potato has reduced excess packaging and shipping, streamlining its manufacturing and shipping practices. The sets are placed in the smallest boxes possible to reduce the space occupied inside the truck, which means more items can be shipped at a time. This helps to reduce the transportation pollution involved in shipping the games.

A close up of the game pieces for Burn Book.

Big Potato is also looking for ways to reduce plastic. The company is committed to making 64% of its games plastic-free by the end of 2021. This will be achieved by targeting the plastic waste commonly associated with boxed games, such as shrink wrap around boxes. boxes, playing cards and plastic box. inserts inside the game. Instead, cellulose stickers will secure the boxes and recyclable paper strips will keep the game cards in place.

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