gimme Seaweed celebrates its 10th anniversary with two product launches and a new look

Seaweed snacks never tasted so good

gimme Seaweed unveils a new look for the brand. This includes an updated packaging design that puts seaweed front and center and combines it with beautiful ingredient photography for an elevated look that feels fresh yet familiar.

“Our new design is an evolution of our current design,” says Gimme’s CMO, Diego Norris. “While some of our brand colors and fonts have changed slightly to make it easier for the consumer to navigate the shelf set, most elements have remained the same. The result is a slightly more contemporary look that pays homage to our origin. and celebrates our brand history.”

Light Crispy Perfection – Now Available in Chili Lime and Non-Dairy White Cheddar

The company is also introducing two delicious new flavors to its family of market-leading organic roasted seaweed snacks: Chili Lime and Non-Dairy White Cheddar. The brand chose these trendy new flavors to provide a unique taste experience that appeals to people of all ages. gimme is also the first seaweed brand to offer an organic, non-dairy white cheddar flavor.

“We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to share the magic of seaweed and stand out from the sea of ​​similarity in the savory snack aisle,” says Gimme co-founder and CEO, Steve Broad. “These two new flavors are incremental steps in bringing the benefits of our nutrient-dense, sustainably grown organic seaweed to everyday snacking.”

Non-dairy White Cheddar and Chili Lime RSS will be available at Target (Chili Lime), Amazon, Stop & Shop, HEB, Natural Grocers, New Seasons and other retailers. The suggested retail price is $2.19 (10g singles) and $6.59 (5g pack of 6).

Introducing Gimme Grab & Go Eco-Friendly Slim Packs

Finally, in another demonstration of its commitment to sustainability, gimme is launching a new range of Grab & Go grilled seaweed snacks without plastic trays! These slim packs include an easy tear feature that allows consumers to easily open the packs and remove the seaweed sheets, like taking money out of a wallet.

“Our new line of Grab & Go’s offers the same delicious crispy roasted seaweed snacks our consumers love, now conveniently packaged in a slim, eco-friendly package that fits easily into lunch boxes, bags or purses. back pockets,” says Annie Chunco-founder and creative director.

Grab & Go Roasted Seaweed Snacks will be available at Kroger, Amazon, HEB, Natural Grocers, New Seasons and other retailers. The suggested retail price is $4.99 for a box of 5 (4g sachets).

About give me seaweed

Situated at Northern Californiagimme Seaweed was founded by visionary food entrepreneurs Annie Chun and Steve Broad. Annie and Steve’s drive and vision, combined with their expertise gained in creating the most successful Asian-inspired packaged food brand, by Annie Chun, led gimme to become the #1 organic seaweed snack brand, driving the growth of the category. gimme was the first brand to bring non-GMO organic seaweed to the US market. Their seaweed is organically, thoughtfully and sustainably grown in protected agricultural regions off the south and west coasts of Korea, ensuring superior nutrition and delicious taste. Learn more about gimme at and on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok: @gimmeseaweed

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