Former Dangote Cement Consumer Promotion Winners Tell Their Earnings

Former winners of the Dangote Cement consumer promotion praised company management for the positive economic and social impact of the promotion on their livelihoods and well-being.

Some of the winners, who spoke about the impact of the cars and millions of naira won in previous seasons, described the promo as a great relief and a crucial stopgap that mitigated the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 19 which then stopped. the whole world.

More than 450 consumers became instant millionaires or new car prize owners, while others won hundreds of tricycles among other great prizes during Season 1 and Season 2 of the grand promotion. audience.

Star winners across Nigeria who received brand new sedans or a million naira as prizes, have praised the cement manufacturing giant and its chairman, Aliko Dangote, for transforming their lives for the better.

Some of the enthusiastic winners, who were contacted by telephone, recalled that they initially thought it was a dream until they were later presented with their various prizes in full view of the public. They said their earnings enriched their lives and livelihoods, and praised Dangote Cement’s sincerity in handing over the cars.

One winner, Mr. Clement James of Marble Construction, Kaduna State, who won a brand new car in the latest Dangote Cement promotion, said the prize has improved his company’s profitability.

According to him, the car has helped his company to market Dangote Cement products inside and outside Kaduna. “We’ve used the car to meet the needs of customers and customers in and around the state. This has further increased our customer base and increased our profitability,” he stated.

James pointed out that the car giveaway showed Dangote’s interest in human empowerment. “The truth is that the car giveaway has made people realize that Dangote is not only interested in making a profit, but also very interested in impacting the lives of customers and consumers of its products.

“Previously, we only heard about Dangote’s contribution to empowerment and we had not experienced it personally. With the Dangote Cement promo, we could feel the impact directly. It now builds consumer confidence in the company’s products,” he added.

Another former winner, Emmanuel Boye, Managing Director of Awuley Investment Limited, Abuja, said the branded car award his company won has become a source of publicity for Dangote Cement and its products as people are more and more aware of these quality products.

“The price has increased customer behavior in a positive way. The truth is that many people in our locality now have more confidence in us that we sell high quality cement products. The brand car made customers believe that we do not sell repackaged counterfeit products because they saw something to confirm that we get the product directly from the company’s factory. Thus, our sales volume has greatly improved in the past two years,Boye added.

Apart from the car prizes, some other consumers, especially those who won star prizes of 1 million naira each during the promotion, said they used the money to grow their business.

Mr Nsikan Emmanuel from Calabar, Cross River State, who was one of the winners of the 1 Million Naira Prize, said: “The sales promotion of Dangote Cement was an interesting technique that attracted consumers to buy more Dangote Cement, and thus they continued patronizing the product. Dangote is the premier cement company in Nigeria that produces quality cement at an affordable price.

Another winner, Yahaya Isah Abdullahi from Kano State, said he used his 1 million naira cash prize to grow his business. According to him, he now buys more bags of cement to sell rather than relying on credit subsidies from distributors. Abdullahi said he has more capital to run his business, all thanks to Dangote Cement and its promotion.

For Mr. Edet Udeme from Delta State, who also won 1 million naira, he said he used part of the money to develop his business and another part to buy a motorbike for customer contact and distribution of products.

He said the motorcycle has improved his mobility and enabled him to reach more consumers of Dangote Cement products. “I would like to thank Dangote Cement for making an impact on the lives of consumers through the promotion of cement. It will be good to see more such promotions in the future,” he said.

Speaking on the promotions, Group Head, Branding and Communications Officer, Dangote Industries Ltd, Mr. Anthony Chiejina explained that the company’s decision to launch the consumer promotions aligns with its vision and mission. to improve people’s lives by helping to provide their basic needs. “This strategy goes hand in hand with the quality of our exceptional products, in line with our brand promise”, he said.

According to Chiejina, “The timing of the promo two years ago was very strategic as the world was feeling the pains of the COVID-19 pandemic and management thought it was good to support their loyal customers by rewarding via promo.

“When Dangote Cement came out with Bag of Goodies Season 2 themed Spell Dangote and Win a Million Naira promotion in 2020, it had one thing in mind, which was to give back to consumers of the product and impact on as many lives as possible.

“Two years after the promotion, the company can confidently attest that it has been able to make a positive contribution to the lives, well-being and businesses of its consumers. The mega promo, which has produced hundreds of winners across the countries, has helped mitigate the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on consumers and dealers of Dangote Cement,” Chiejina added.

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