FlightSafety Selected by Dassault as Factory Authorized Training Provider for the Falcon 10X

FlightSafety InternationalIaeronautical training company, announces that it has been selected by Dassault Aviation as the exclusive training provider for the entry into service of the new Falcon 10X aircraft.

FlightSafety will initially design and manufacture two full-flight simulators for the Falcon 10X, one located in the United States and one in Europe. FlightSafety-specific learning centers will be determined at a later date.

“FlightSafety is thrilled to extend its 50-year partnership with Dassault to become the original equipment manufacturer-approved training provider for the Falcon 10X,” said Nate Speiser, executive vice president of sales and marketing at FlightSafety. “The high-end experience, performance and quality of the Falcon 10X and FlightSafety’s industry-leading training are a perfect match. FlightSafety will work closely with Dassault to provide simulator testing for aircraft development and certification, and upon aircraft launch will provide the highest quality training for 10X pilots, maintainers and agents. on board around the world.

The new FlightSafety FS2500 simulators built for the Falcon 10X will be equipped with the company’s latest technological advances. They include the VITAL 1100 visual system, electric motion control and cueing, and an advanced instructor control station.

The training will coincide with the aircraft’s entry into service and will feature MATRIX, FlightSafety’s integrated training technology. MATRIX offers desktop simulators for classroom instruction and flight training device simulators for instructor-led, self-paced learning. It also includes SimVu which allows pilots and instructors to review flight simulator sessions.

“The Falcon 10X will feature unprecedented aerospace technology and performance,” said Jean Kayanakis, senior vice president, global customer service and MRO network, Dassault Aviation. “Our partnership with FlightSafety will complement industry-leading aircraft design with the most innovative training solutions and ensure the highest level of readiness and efficiency in the operation of the Falcon 10X.”

FlightSafety offers training for Falcon aircraft using a fleet of more than 24 full-flight simulators and other advanced training devices at its Dallas, Texas learning centers; Houston, TX; Teterboro, New Jersey; Wilmington, Del.; and at Paris-Le Bourget airport. FlightSafety offers more than 220 Falcon flight courses and 100 Falcon maintenance courses.

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