Fire destroys garment factory in Korangi industrial zone

A fire destroyed a garment factory in the Korangi industrial zone on Thursday. According to firefighters, the fire broke out at a garment factory located in the Korangi industrial area within the boundaries of Awami settlement police station overnight from Wednesday to Thursday.

Upon receipt of the information, firefighters were immediately dispatched to the factory to put out the fire. A fire department spokesman said a total of six firefighters participated in the fire extinguishing operation and they were able to control the blaze with intense effort for at least six hours.

No loss of life was reported in the incident but a firefighter was injured after a heavy object fell on him during firefighting work. The spokesperson said firefighters received the information about the fire around 3 a.m. He added that the management of the factory had first tried to control the fire themselves, but that they had not been able to do so, they had informed the fire brigade.

The fire is said to have caused losses worth millions of rupees. Korangi’s deputy commissioner told the media that initial findings suggested the fire started due to a short circuit, but nothing conclusive could be said until the investigation was completed. . Further investigations are ongoing.

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