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Celebrate the spooky season at Escape Halloween this year? Stay informed before you go with set times, festival map and more.

Escape from Halloween is almost here and if you haven’t started preparing for two nights of unreal sets, immersive production and plenty of performers to add to the spooky atmosphere of October 29-30 – there is no better time to start than now. While the previous editions of the festival have brought a lot of warmth to the NOS Events Center, this is shaping up to be one of the biggest (and scariest) years yet.

Insomniac has put together a whole host of artists who will adorn the Escape Halloween stages and it will certainly be a treat. Maybe you are planning to get to the sound of house and the best technos like Adam beyer, Eric Prydz, and Green velvet or from headbang to heavy dubstep by Dack Janiel, King Sullivan, and Doctor P b2b FuntCase To Escape from Halloween. Maybe you are looking to inject some hard dance energy into your veins by grabbing Lady Faith, Junkie Kid, and Toneshifterz or want to have a glimpse of the future when Ranger Trucco, JSTJR, and Dabin to get on stage. There really is something for almost every dance music lover in this line.

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To help you prepare for what to expect once you step through the doors of Escape Halloween, we’ve compiled all the essential information you need to know. So check out the schedules, festival map and more, and be sure to let us know what costumes you and your rave team are wearing this year in the comments!

Get Away From Halloween 2021 – Essential Info:

Appointment: 29-30 October 2021
Hours: 4:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. every day
Location address: OUR EVENTS CENTER – 689 S. E St., San Bernardino, CA 92408
Tickets: Buy HERE
Facebook event page: RSVP HERE

COVID-19 policy

In an effort to ensure the safety of participants, Beyond Wonderland at The Gorge will follow all guidelines established by the CDC and state and local authorities, which can be found on their website.

To be admitted to the festival, participants must provide proof of vaccination or proof of a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of entering the festival. A photo on your phone of your vaccination record or negative result is enough to enter. You will need to show them to staff at the entrance.

Download the Insomniac app in itunes Where Play at the store for the latest schedules and updates for Escape Halloween 2021.

Escape from Halloween 2021 – Scheduled times:

Download the Insomniac app via the links above for the set times. We will update this article once the chart is published.

Escape Halloween 2021 – Festival Map:

Escape Halloween 2021 - Festival Map

Reminder to take care of your belongings:

Sadly, many people have reported pick-pocketing, bag cuts, and thefts of wallets, smartphones, purses and other valuables during this festival season. While that small number of bad apples in the group doesn’t define an entire crowd, there are some opportunistic people who come to these events to take advantage of unsuspecting revelers and it is important to be careful of your valuables when you are. To Escape from Halloween.

Looking for tips on keeping your belongings safe? Check out our article highlighting some ideas!

Get Away From Halloween 2021 Dos and Don’ts:

Authorized items
  • YES Mobile phones and portable chargers / external batteries
  • YES Cigarettes (must be sealed at the entrance) and lighters
  • YES Deodorant (must be sealed at the entrance)
  • YES E-cigs / vapes (Refillable liquid chambers OK, must be empty on entry. A sealed / unopened bottle of E-liquid or E-juice will be allowed.)
  • YES Earplugs
  • YES Belt bags
  • YES Festival totems or decorated pool noodles (see totem poles guidelines)
  • YES Handmade flags / banners or signs (no company / company mark and no hard poles)
  • YES Light sticks and luminous / illuminated costumes or jewelry
  • YES Eraser (must be sealed at the entrance)
  • YES Hand sanitizer (up to 2 oz)
  • YES Hula hoops including LED hoops
  • YES Hydration packs with no more than two main compartments and one smaller compartment (must be empty on entry)
  • YES Inflatable (must be deflated at the entrance)
  • YES Juuls (a factory sealed Juul Pod OK at the entrance)
  • YES LED whips, poi and orbitals
  • YES Lip balm, lip gloss and lipstick (must be sealed upon entry)
  • YES Non-professional flash / still cameras, portable video cameras less than 6 inches (Sony Action Cam, GoPro, etc.)
  • YES Personal mist fan with a bottle not exceeding 1.5 L (must be empty at the entrance)
  • YES Medication prescribed by a doctor that has not expired (must show the doctor’s prescription and consult a security guard at the entrance)
  • YES Powder makeup (liquid makeup is prohibited)
  • YES Rain ponchos and umbrellas measuring less than 10 ″ when folded up
  • YES Reusable water bottles (must be empty at the entrance)
  • Selfie sticks YES
  • YES Small bags, one compartment bags, plush bags, handbags (maximum 12 ″ x12 ″)
  • YES Sunglasses and hats
  • YES Sunscreen (inspected at the entrance)
  • YES Stamps and stamps (sealed at the entrance)
  • YES Wet wipes (sealed at the entrance)
Prohibited items
  • NO product / aerosol can
  • NO balls or frisbees
  • NO Bota bags
  • NO costume that looks like a public safety uniform (police, SWAT, fire, security or medical) in any way
  • NO Drones, remote control planes, toys
  • NO drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • NO eye drops (available inside the festival at the general store)
  • NO gas masks
  • NO glass, cans, mugs or coolers
  • NO helium balloons
  • NO Illegal substances
  • NO big chains or spiked jewelry
  • NO Large handbags, bags or backpacks (over 12 “× 12”)
  • NO laser pointer or air horn
  • NO LED gloves or LED ulms used for light shows
  • NO liquid makeup
  • NO markers, pens or spray paint
  • NO masseurs
  • NO Open cigarette packs (at the entrance)
  • NO Food or drinks outside (including alcohol and sweets)
  • NO over-the-counter medication (available inside the festival at the general store)
  • NO pacifiers
  • No pets
  • NO professional photo, video or audio recording equipment (removable lenses, tripods, large zooms or devices for commercial use)
  • NO stickers, flyers
  • NO stuffed animals or dolls
  • NO Tents, large umbrellas, chairs or blankets
  • NO Toy guns, water guns, slingshot
  • NO Unsealed tampons or napkins (at the entrance)
  • NO weapon or weapon accessory of any kind, real or fictitious (including whips, lightsabers, pocket knives, pepper spray, fireworks, fake weapons / accessories, etc.)
  • NO Sun loungers / sofas
Totem pole guidelines
  • NO drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • NO costume that looks like police, fire, security or medical in any way
  • NO handcuffs
  • NO glass or ceramic masks
  • NO full face makeup that makes you unrecognizable from your government issued photo ID
  • NO objects resembling any weapon or weapon accessories, real or fictitious (including whips, lightsabers, axes, pocket knives, swords, pistols, dummy weapons / accessories, etc.)
  • NO violent props, including crops, whips, ropes, chains or ties
  • NO sharp metal tips
  • Remember we are an inclusive community and costumes / decorations should not distort race, religion or cultural heritage.

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