Did a Detroit man buy an old factory without a plan? Absoutely.

When it comes to impulse buying, this guy should be crowned king.

While browsing Tiktok, I came across this user video @thatdetroitandy who seems to have bought an old car factory in Detroit on a whim:

Spending $100 quickly at Target is understandable. But, an entire car factory?? It’s a little harder to understand. In total, Andy paid a whopping $700,000 for the factory, which once you’ve taken a look inside isn’t a bad price considering the space. which he has. But again, now what?

For now, Andy shares some behind-the-scenes tours of the now-defunct factory that turn out to be quite interesting. Especially, if you are someone who loves old crafting equipment:

Or, if you like to discover the history of the place:

Or… the paranormal?

Even if you’re not someone who believes in the paranormal, walking through an old factory at two in the morning would make even the bravest of you feel slightly freaked out, right?

Andy has amassed millions of views as people follow this adventure. The number one question people were asking, however, is:

How the hell could you afford this?

It turns out Andy has been hustling since he was a teenager when he started flipping cars with his dad. From there, he launched a number of private ventures and began to build his fortune. He even operated a bus that offered Detroit city tours and free rides for kids. When that was halted due to the pandemic, he started making affordable hand sanitizer in bulk. Here he explains his story in more detail:

Now, even without a long-term plan on transforming this factory, Andy is calling on people to join his team just to “see what happens.”

If you want to join his team, Andy provides a link on his Tiktok profile which you can see here. The page says you don’t have to be local to Detroit to apply.

As far as buying used stuff goes, it might not be about car factories, but…still…it’s about some pretty great used finds in Michigan:

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