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Organic gardeners from across the country will compete for prizes including Bitcoin, an electric vehicle and a small farm at the first Johnny Appleseed Organic Invitational. The September 26 launch date coincided with the birthday of John Chapman, the Ohio-born American pioneer who inspired the legend of Johnny Appleseed.

Presented in partnership with Mother Earth News, the competition aims to showcase the skills of the country’s top organic producers and provide them with a platform to share their knowledge. Video entries will be accepted until November 30 and finalists will be selected in December. The competition itself is expected to take place during the growing season of next year.

“Everyone agrees that organic food is healthier and tastes better, but there is a pervasive myth that truly sustainable growing practices cannot produce a yield bountiful enough to feed American families,” said Jeff Meyer, founder of Johnny Appleseed Organic.

The competition is free. Entrants will receive points for their placement in each competitive category, with a cumulative winner determined at the end of the competition.

Categories include heaviest tomato, hottest chili, best flower arrangement in a 65 gallon grow bag, heaviest sweet potato in a 65 gallon grow bag, heaviest squash, and the best organic gardening “hack”.

Each contestant chosen for the invitation will receive $ 1,000 in cryptocurrency, and the overall cumulative winner will receive their choice of grand prize options, including a Bitcoin, an all-new Ford F-150 EV, a Kubota tractor with accessories and a restricted deed for a small farm at the Johnny Appleseed Organic Village, a sustainable development nestled in the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge near Folkston, Georgia.

A live leaderboard will run throughout the competition and showcase multimedia content from the participants, including tips and tricks for other home gardeners after the competition. Rankings will also be updated on and

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