Bulgari unveils its spring / summer 2022 leather goods and accessories collection


Timelessness will forever embody Bulgari. Season after season, the Italian house effortlessly reinvents its classic styles to offer a new take on established design. For Spring / Summer 2022, an ode to Rome is skillfully captured at the heart of their new collection of leather goods and accessories, Amoroma.

Just as the title reveals, Bulgari’s endless love for their 19th century roots of ‘caput mundi’ has transpired in the 21st. Showcasing a new pattern, improved Serpenti look and iridescent pastels at the ADI Design Museum during Milan Fashion Week, Bulgari’s multidimensional outing already makes us dream of a return to summer. But what does this have to do with Rome?


Bulgari tote bag, available for presale on Bulgari.com from September 15th


2000 years may not be infinity, but the monuments of the Eternal City are no short-term installation. Bulgari was inspired by the most famous monuments of Rome to concoct its latest motif “Infinitum”, a mirrored obelisk logo with a 3D finish.


The aura is everything. In Rome, the early mornings are told by the glittering marble and the glow of a rising sun. For the ‘Radiance’ spirit of the new Bulgari handbags, their design team captured the luminescence of Rome through subtle adjustments on beloved pieces. A new Serpenti Bag hobo shape, laser cut to mimic shiny rays, and a shimmering jewelry box (ps, it has a secret compartment at the bottom).


Quilted bag Serpenti Diamond Blast Sunshine


A sun with Serpenti in the center. What more could we ask for? Continuing the theme of the sparkle of Rome, Bulgari goes straight to the source with a “Sunshine” vibe. The quilted bags with stitched beams complement their laser-cut counterparts perfectly, all accompanied by a bright range of sunset hues.

Rome in bloom

No spring collection can neglect the floral. Energized by the vivid tones of the flourishing gardens of Rome, Bulgari enhances both pastel tones and gemstone tones. A cool-hued rainbow even made its way onto the brand’s embellished python skin, terry-cloth in hand to perfection.

Alongside their beloved bags, Bulgari presented an irresistible array of accessories. Silk scarves and large sunglasses ready to sail along the Amalfi Coast, their own take on the obsession with micro-bags and delicate Serpenti bracelets to complete the look.

A selection from the Bulgari Spring / Summer 2022 textile collection


Bulgari’s release date for its Spring / Summer 2022 leather goods and accessories collection is November 1.

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