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Buying guide for mesh produce bags

A wooden counter with oranges and limes in off-white mesh produce bags.

Why buy mesh produce bags?

Mesh bags gently cradle your fruits and vegetables, transporting them from the store or farm stand without damaging them. This is an eco-friendly upgrade from the thin, plastic, non-recyclable produce bags typically offered at the supermarket.

What should you consider in mesh product bags?

  • Cut: Is your favorite produce bag big enough to hold all your weekly produce? You might want to be sure. Dimensions are important, but so are weight restrictions. Each bag on our list has a specific size and weight limit attached to the product description. Some packs even come with more than one size per pack, perfect for busy families.
  • Materials: The greenest choice will often be the most sustainable. You’ll want to choose materials that will stand up to washing, weight, and frequent use. In addition, a better quality bag will better handle the unexpected. And if you want to bet on an ecological choice made of renewable materials, you can opt for a 100% cotton or hemp bag.
  • Carry handles: Carrying handles can be handy, especially if you prefer an outdoor produce market to a traditional grocery store. Some bags have wrist straps or drawstrings, while others have shoulder straps.

How long do reusable mesh bags last?

Most reusable mesh produce bags should last about a year with proper care. However, cotton bags and other premium mesh bags can last much longer, in some cases up to five years or more. Regularly washing your product bags and not overloading them is essential if you want them to last as long as possible. You can also reuse them once you get home from the store.

Our picks for the best mesh produce bags

Best choice

Advantages: These heavy-duty bags can hold all kinds of products: heavy items, pokey items, and fragile items. They are made of high quality BPA free mesh material, easy to see and convenient for shopping. After each use, they are easy to clean and dry. Plus, they have the weight limit written on each of the three bag sizes, so you can be sure you’re not overloading them and damaging them.

The inconvenients: They are made with plastic.

Conclusion : If you are looking for a large set of multi-sized mesh bags, these can be a great option. They’re durable and washable, and they have handy ties to keep your products from rolling around in the basket.

Premium Choice

Advantages: These mesh bags are excellent for heavier produce like potatoes and eggplant. They have a handy drawstring to hold your products in place, and they come in multiple colors, including teal, purple, and dark green. On top of that, you can feel good knowing the brand is planting new trees with every purchase for a better, sustainable future.

The inconvenients: The tare is not written on each bag.

Conclusion : If you want to make a positive impact on the environment with a nice set of bags, this might be what you’re looking for. They’re from a company that loves the planet, and since you get five in a pack, you can store them in several convenient places.

Best suspenders

Advantages: For one thing, these cotton mesh bags can hold a surprising amount of weight, up to 40 pounds. They have a bit of flex and stretch with their 13 inch long straps, so you can fit more items in them than you think. These bags are also machine washable for easy cleaning.

The inconvenients: Straps vary in length.

Conclusion : These mesh produce bags are wonderfully hands-free for the utmost convenience. They come in a beautiful four color pack at great value.

Best disposable choice

TEMUCY Plastic Mesh Product Bags

These flexible plastic bags can be stored in a pantry between uses and are food safe and heat resistant for boil-in-a-bag dinners.

Advantages: Each bag in this 100 pack is 24 inches long and can stretch up to 14 inches. These bags are simply the best for boiling crawfish, tolerate heat up to 240 F, and hold up to 10-16 pounds of produce. They’re also great for hanging nuts, onions, or fresh potatoes in your pantry. They also work wonders for all your gardening needs.

The inconvenients: The bags are plastic.

Conclusion : Ready for your next seafood porridge? These bags will hold up beautifully in even the hottest bubbling water. Plus, you get a ton of bags for one low price.

Best Matching Colors

Advantages: While the bright rainbow colors make these bags stand out, they are also very practical. There are three different and convenient sizes in each pack. And the curb weight is sewn directly into the fabric, so there’s no guesswork. There’s a double cord closure with no plastic locking parts needed, making it an even more durable choice you can feel good about.

The inconvenients: These bags are a bit more expensive than other similar packs.

Conclusion : If you care about the environment and the world, these might be the right mesh bags. They are made with organic cotton in a Fair Trade factory and are never exposed to chemicals during production, from farm to packaging.

Final Thoughts

“Reduce, reuse and recycle” is such a sustainable idiom that both adults and children understand the concept of leaving a greener footprint. Reusable mesh bags are perfect for all your shopping. If you want to leave the world a cleaner place and are looking for ways to step up your “green” game, grab one of our picks for a mesh product bag.

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