Best female characters in Squid game, ranked

If there is a flaw, the Korean popular survival drama Squid game a is probably his treatment of women. While in some ways the inherent sexism matches the gritty realism of the show, some fans believe the female characters have drawn the short end of the stick. In Squid game, four hundred and fifty-six contestants compete in a game to the death, all with their eyes riveted on the prize – a financial reward of more than $ 36 million.

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Every candidate is in desperate need of money, with most of them struggling with heavy debts. But their last hope comes at a heavy price as well, as the Squid Game involves players in children’s games, only to kill the losers. Many games contain a component of physical strength, which leads to seeing female characters as passive – but they aren’t, and on some occasions they shine brighter than male characters.

7 Gi-Hun’s wife provides character info but doesn’t get much development

Not much is known about the ex-wife of protagonist Seong Gi-hun. She doesn’t even have a name. What viewers know is that the two are apparently divorcing due to Gi-hun’s irresponsible behavior and his inability to support his family. Once she divorces Gi-hun, she remarries. Gi-hun puts her in an awkward position with her new husband when he visits her asking for money. She resents him for not having been there for her the day she gave birth to their daughter Ga-yeong.

Gi-hun’s reasons for not being by his wife’s side are solid, as he was involved in a factory strike at the time. He still suffers from nightmares after seeing his colleague die, but the fact remains that he privileged something other than his family, something that foreshadows his future behavior.

6 Sang-Woo’s mother stands out for her generosity

Owner of a seafood store, Cho Sang-woo’s mother is very proud of her son’s accomplishments. Kind and generous, she often gives Gi-hun good luck to eat. She is Sang-woo’s main motivation for entering the game. He had used his mother’s business as collateral for his failed investments, thus endangering his livelihood. The only way to fix his mistake was the Squid Game.

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It’s unclear if she ever finds out about her son’s plight, although the only exchange between her and Gi-hun about it suggests that he never reveals the truth. In the finale, she agrees to take over Kang Sae-byeok’s brother, Cheol, although she doesn’t have too much of her own funds. In the end, Gi-hun leaves her with a bag full of money, but no real information.

5 Gi-Hun’s impoverished mother carries a heavy burden

One of the first characters to appear in the series, Gi-hun’s mother carries a heavy burden. Her son is stuck in a dead end job as a driver and has a terrible gambling habit that even causes him to cancel their insurance. This turns out to be fatal, as Gi-hun’s mother suffers from a severe form of diabetes and cannot seek treatment.

Gi-hun’s participation in the games was supposed to help her, but she dies in his absence, all on her own. In a way, the two old women are completely opposite. Sang-woo’s mother has a welcoming demeanor even after her son’s disappearance, but Gi-hun’s mother embodies the bitterness of reality, weighed down as she is by debt and illness. Even so, she remains her son’s guardian until the last possible moment.

4 Ga-Yeong tries to protect his father from heartache

ga yeong with lighter in squid game

Gi-hun’s daughter Ga-yeong doesn’t have too many scenes in Squid game, but his brief appearances are moving and captivating. The show begins on his birthday, and Gi-hun receives money from his mother to take Ga-yeong to have his favorite meal. This never happens, as Gi-hun loses all of his horse racing money, stolen by Sae-byeok. Instead, Gi-hun takes him to eat a much cheaper meal and gives him a shoddy gift in the form of a lighter pistol that he managed to extract from a claw machine.

She is visibly disappointed, but never complains once, doing her best to reassure her father. This is perhaps also the reason why she decides to hide the information of his imminent departure to the United States from him: to protect him. The finale reveals the two reconnected, but Gi-hun fails him yet again when – instead of going to the United States as originally planned – he turns around, intending to stop. Games.

3 Mi-Nyeo’s revenge on Deok-Su is one of the series’ most satisfying moments

han mi-nyeo from the squid game

Han Mi-nyeo isn’t the friendliest person, and his association with villainous Jang Deok-su results in many deaths. She is loud, often irritating, and often lashes out indiscriminately, even against people who are supposed to be her allies. Although she may have many conflicting opinions, no one can deny that she is resourceful. She manages to squeeze a lighter in the game through a shocking method, just to feed her smoking habit. The lighter is unexpectedly useful during the Dalgona game and ends up saving Deok-su’s life.

It’s exactly Mi-nyeo’s relationship with Deok-su that translates into one of the most satisfying moments on the show. The two become lovers, but Deok-su hijacks her during the Tug of War game, insulting and betraying her. Mi-nyeo doesn’t let this sit. During the Glass Bridge game, at Deok-su’s most vulnerable moment, she confronts him. Deok-su tries to calm her down, but there is nothing he can do. Mi-nyeo pushes them both off the bridge. While some may view the act as pathetic, her inherent challenge elevates the character, making her a surprisingly interesting dark horse.

2 Ji-Yeong’s sacrifice brings tears to viewers’ eyes

Ji-yeong from Squid Game

Not all good female characters get an arc as elaborate as Min-nyeo. Yet in some cases it doesn’t matter. Ji-Yeong appears before the Tug of War game and is recruited by Sae-Byeok to Gi-hun’s team. The two girls stick together in the next game, Marbles. This turns out to be a bad decision, as the way the game is structured ensures that only one of them will survive. Instead of fighting like the other characters, Ji-yeong and Sae-byeok collude to decide the winner with just one game.

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They spend the rest of the allotted time talking, and their conversation reveals their past and depth as characters. While Sae-byeok is a North Korean defector seeking to reunite her family, Ji-yeong confesses to killing her father – a man who physically assaulted her and murdered her mother. When it comes time for the girls to play their game, Ji-yeong practically loses in favor of Sae-byeok, because unlike her, Sae-byeok had a family and dreams awaiting her. His heartbreaking death not only makes Sae-byeok’s eyes cry, but viewers’ eyes as well.

1 Sae-Byeok probably should have been the winner

Squid-Game-kang sae byeok

Easily one of the best characters in Squid game, Sae-byeok first appears in the series as a pickpocket who steals Gi-hun his racehorse game winnings. Her cold, unapproachable facade makes her difficult to read, but as the series continues it is revealed that she actually has a heart of gold and wants to reunite her family. Unfortunately, Sae-byeok has an unfair fate. Like Gi-hun and Sang-woo, she crosses the glass bridge, only to be impaled by a shard of glass when the bridge explodes.

Terribly injured, she is helpless when Sang-woo attacks her and slits her throat. This particular incident is perhaps the clearest evidence of Squid gamepoor treatment of its female characters. The rambling Sae-byeok may have had a chance in the last round of the Squid Game, but it was removed to facilitate a showdown between the two friends-turned-enemies. It makes sense from a storytelling standpoint, but fans can’t help but think the wrong person might have won.

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