Batavian Devon Leach rides stepladder to win GRUSBC Scratch Memorial Tournament

Batavian Devon Leach’s brave move towards the end of Sunday’s 68 title matche The Genesee area USBC Scratch Memorial Tournament paid off in the best possible way as the 28-year-old right-hander defeated LeRoyan Tom Rohl for the top prize of $ 700.

Down 13 pins after seven frames – and barely out of a gap – Leach went into his bag for a different ball and threw three straight strokes en route to a 203-174 win at Letchworth Pines in Portageville.

“I had used the (Global 900) Honey Badger Extreme until then, but thought it was time to switch to the (Storm) UFO Alert,” said Leach, who won her first singles tournament. scratch by leading the table in the five-bowlers. stepladder finals.

Entered as the No. 4 seed after posting 822 in the four-game semifinals in the tough “Sport” condition of the highway, Leach pushed back Mike Malone of Dansville, 236-176; Adam Philp of Batavia, 198-195, and Brett Van Duser of Perry, 192-154, before confronting Rohl.

Rohl topped the semi-finals of the 15 bowlers, recording games of 198, 254, 241 and 231 for a 924 – 93 pin streak better than Van Duser’s 831. The southpaw’s chances of victory over Leach were thwarted, however, by gaps in the last two frames. .

Yet the two-time GRUSBC Masters champion won $ 360 for his efforts.

Leach, who plays in four leagues, made headlines earlier this season with an 802 league streak at the Mancuso Bowling Center in Batavia. He is part of the large Leach and Bacon bowling family, but started playing the sport only about eight years ago.

He is employed at the American Oldcastle Bonsal concrete plant in Batavia.

Van Duser, owner of the Perry Bowling Center, finished in third place, earning $ 280, while Philp won $ 240 and Malone won $ 220.

Philp, who led the qualifying team in four games on Saturday at 12:30 p.m. with 837, needed a brace in the 10e to defeat Leach, but left the 2-pin after getting the first hit.

Freedom’s Shawn Hurlburt, who led the Sunday qualifying squad at 10 a.m. with 839, placed sixth, good for $ 150, and defending champion Jake Rosenbeck, who finished second on the qualifying squad. Sunday with 823, was seventh, winning $ 140.

The other cashiers were Mickey Hyde of Le Roy, $ 135; Brian Weber of Perry, $ 130; Scott Culp of Honeoye Falls, $ 125; Brady Weber of Perry, $ 120; Anthony Drum from Dansville, $ 115; Mike Pettinella from Batavia, $ 110; Austin Hawker of Geneseo, $ 105, and Mel Helms of Nunda, $ 100.

Helms led the qualifying squad on Saturday at 4 p.m. with 843 and took home a bonus of $ 25 as the overall best qualifier.

The tournament attracted 66 entries. Five bowlers advanced to the first team semifinals, four from the second team and six from the third team.

GRUSBC will be hosting a handicap doubles non-tap tournament on February 19 at Mount Morris Lanes. A registration form can be downloaded from

Photo submitted above: Mike Pettinella, Director of GRUSBC, presents the first place check to Devon Leach as finalist Tom Rohl watches after Sunday’s Memorial Scratch tournament at Letchworth Pines in Portageville.


Scratch Memorial finalists, (left to right) Tom Rohl, Brett Van Duser, Adam Philp, Devon Leach and Mike Malone.

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