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There are few drinks in the Australian alcoholic repertoire that can claim true Hall of Fame status. But the mighty silver pillow, or as it’s affectionately known as the “goon’s bag,” is definitely at the top of our list.

So what if we told you that bagged wine holier than you was about to make a big comeback? Not like the sticky satchel leaking from the backyard over there, but more of an eco-friendly bag of tasty produce, fitted with a smart nozzle and the technology to ensure your choice of wine stays fresher for longer?

Melbourne, place Bagnum—A collaboration between local legends Built To Spill and Urban List. Think easy-to-pour bagged wine that’s just as classic as boujee.

Because bigger is so much better, each Bagnum contains a whopping 1.5L of juicy Australian wine from Sparrow & Vine with three grape varieties on offer. For all those who live and breathe the expression “rosé every day”, you’ll want to blow your mind in the Bagnum Sangiovese Rosé, a very crispy drop to pair with your next picnic charcuterie board. To accompany all of your fresh seafood feasts, there’s a Citrus Semillon Bagnum made for all of your seafood feasts this summer. Finally, for those who can’t escape a barbie in the backyard, the Nero D’Avola Bagnum is pretty much all you need to go with a thick steak or a sizzling range of BBQ pork chops.

In addition to this, each Bagnum Also comes with a bunch of green credits, packaged in an eco-friendly, fast-cooling AstraPouch, which has an 80% lower carbon footprint than its typical glass iteration in your local bottle. It even has a smart nozzle that activates with just the touch of a finger (read: no leaks) and ensures your Bagnum stays fresher for longer, with no cork contamination or potential oxidation.

The Limited Edition Bagnum range can be purchased through Built To Spill. Each 1.5L Bagnum will set you back $ 44. Melburnians can get next day delivery if ordered by 10:00 am AEST between Monday and Thursday. Order yours here.

Image credit: Kate Mason

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