Are the “high” prices of Sadaf Kanwal’s fashion line justified? – Way of life

Social media users are not happy with Sadaf Kanwal for pricing clothes from his new fashion line as high as Rs 30,000.

The model launched her clothing business in February called ‘Unmixed’. Her designs feature minimalist monochrome outfits, described as “casual wear”. The clothing line is featured on Instagram, and interested shoppers can contact the brand via a WhatsApp number listed in the bio.

Kanwal started receiving criticism after a screenshot of a price request for a solid-colored brown dress – the one she wore on a recent episode of Jeeto Pakistan – went viral on social media.

The price of the dress was Rs 30,000.

People didn’t understand why the dress was so expensive.

While for some it was a revelation that Sadaf Kanwal had a clothing line.

Model Nadia Hussain came to Kanwal’s defense and said, “This is Sadaf Kanwal’s business. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO BASHER FOR HER CHOICE TO RUN HER BUSINESS THE WAY SHE WANTS!”

“Nahin khareedna na khareedo,” Hussain added in his Instagram story.

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